Diamonds error spend

Hi, I spend 1500 diamonds for a red 4* player, and always I received the fu… Jahangir 3* . What the fu… I think is an error some how.

You can’t directly buy hero unless part of a package… im not sure what package you purchased as I have never seen one with anything but 3* heros

In elemental invocacion , where you spend 300diamonds for one invocacion, I spend 5 times in red invocacion and always I recieved the same player. Its one fu… sheet, sorry for the language

Ok, yeah that can happen. You can get anybody the 3-5* of the color minus event and hotm. Less than 6% chance of a 5* you are very lilely to get 3*. Does stinkbthat you got the same 3* eachbtime, but you’ll soon have all 3*s you want

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It is as Talisax said. (You can use the extra Jahangir to level up one of them: 4 extra Jahangir’s = 100% chance to level up the special on your last Jahangir.)

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