Diamonds and payment

Hello i have one big problem i pay for diamonds the system says that i have it alredy but i dont have anything in game where the •••• are my diamonds i paid and i want them

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Thank you very much for fast answer I already have the diamond’s and sorry
for this this “the ■■■” I just have been really nervous and thank you for
the fast answer :slight_smile:

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I know it’s worrying to pay and not have the item appear. I’m glad it resolved quickly for you! :wink:

I have the same problem I pay 2 times but I didn’t get anything…

Please read the link above (“I didn’t get my order!”). :slight_smile:

I want to report an issue as well, but don’t know how to open a separate topic. I beat a level and received a orb of magic. But it didn’t add to my storage (and I already had one). These aren’t common, so I feel a bit robbed. Anyone else had this problem?


I played the game this morning 21/9/18 and had 1378 gems when I finished ,logged into game in the afternoon and only had 692 gems ( I had not used any gems) want to know where they have gone.also 2days ago we defeat the Titan and one of the rewards I got was a hidden dagger but never got it. Any ideas anyone

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Ive found that if my connection is lost before the game “saves” progress items don’t get saved like they should. Basically, a connection issue…