Diamonds and Dragons on Santa's Challenge

I’ve noticed that when I make a diamond/dragon match, with some of the tiles encased in ice, sometimes I get the diamond/dragon and sometimes I don’t. Took a picture

I think the majority of stages I have gotten the diamond/dragon but on some I don’t. Or maybe I’m just losing it. What is the intended effect?

The frozen tiles only unfreeze and don’t change. So if a frozen tile is where the dragon or diamond is made, you won’t get one. You can get one with frozen tiles in the bunch, but not at the point of of the special tile appearing.


Covered off in the main Santa’s challenge thread where Zephyr has moved the previous postings of this. Posts 24 to 28 talk about it.

May be worth @zephyr1 leaving this one be for future people to search and see?

I wasn’t the one who merged those posts from the other thread.

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Ok thanks that makes sense. I had noticed it was very inconsistent but since it didn’t affect me I just ignored it.

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