Diamond treasure chest


Add to the game a chest that opens if players buy / spend diamonds. When a player spends / buys diamonds, the scale is filled to open the chest. For example, make 5-7 chests:
When players spend / buy diamonds in the game, the chest starts to fill up with the number that the player spent / bought the diamonds in the game. I came up with numbers as an example. General recharge chests 1 week, regardless of whether you had time to fill the next chest or not. In a week, everything is new. It would be better to do this for the alliance so that everyone could get some item from the chest and it does not matter if he did not even spend buying these diamonds.
That is, if someone in the alliance made a call for 300 diamonds or bought 400 diamonds, then the scale of the chest immediately began to fill up. From what the chest will be filled, it’s up to you how much diamonds you spend, or from diamond purchases, I think it would be better if you spent diamonds. Thanks to all.