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Hi! I was wondering what team one needs to raid in the Diamond arena consistently? My guess is - 3800 TP and above?
I have a 3400 team of fully ascended 4* (Bold, Rigard, Sonya, Caedmon, Kelile) + un-telescoped Magni and am still some 250 cups below it (150 on my lucky days). 4* lack raw damage (from tiles and specials) and therefore I have to bring both my healers, and as a result deal even less damage. Sometimes I can wipe a 4000 TP team, but it is more about luck than solid play.
I guess Diamond is for teams with at least a few ascended 5* heroes (fast mana single hitters)?

Diamond raiders, do you remeber with which teams you were able to join the club?

I don’t remember exactly, because the diamond and platinum weren’t there yet when I still had only 4*. But I did manage on occasion to work my way up to the top 100 then (was less cups than now). However, with a 4* defense team, you will drop down very fast, so that is more the difficulty than the climbing (remember attack has an advantage). So I guess the best you can hope for at this point is not falling too far down and climbing when filling your chest.
I have a full 5* defense team and fall back to platinum regularly when I am sleeping. (I don’t have Guin, Ares or Albi, my defense team is ok, but not amazing)

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Well, with my first account, I there were no tiers and by the time they showed up I had been on Page 1 of the trophy list off and on for a while. I had no trouble staying above the 2400 trophies for Diamond with that account.

With my alternate account, the team is around 3760 in power and it dips in and out of Diamond, but I always manage to get enough trophies to collect the diamond box. That particular team has Alberich, Panther, Kiril, Tiburtus and Natalya. The only maxed 5* of the bunch is Panther. Kiril is maxed out and Tiburtus is only 4-55 or so. Alberich is 4-60 and Natalya is 4-6 or thereabouts.

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You can compete at the fully maxed 4* level - it’s tough, but you can do it if you have a lot of depth and tailor your team to the opponent. I started around 3650 in Diamond. I’m over 3800 now and win more, but not THAT much more.


I think more people are riding the 2400 bracket rollercoaster now than a month ago.

I have a def team of 3606 and was keeping around 2200-2300 cups, which allowed me to raid into the 2400 bracket to open my cache. I’d then get raided down to 2200-2300 during the course of the day.

The past week however I am being raided so much that i am falling down to 2100-2200 and not able to win enough cups to get back up to 2400 without using a flask.

Merlin (4/70), Joon (4/80), Boldtusk (4/70), Kiril (4/70), Cabin Boy (4/70)

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Food for thought…

Getting to Diamond is easy…Getting a top rank is easy…Staying there is the hard part, daily grind to stay there if you’re not stacked on defense…No doubt you can get to Diamond with all 4* s team, but you wont last as your defense will crack easily with the top teams…I recommend you stay a solid Platinum until you can get at least 2-3 quality 5* s fully ascended. That may make things easier in Diamond.

Better to dominate in Platinum than to scrape by on Diamond. One day, if you’re consistent you’ll move up and never look back…Well, maybe, unless you’re cup dropping, etc… :slight_smile:


I’ve got a team of a maxed Natalya, maxed Vivica, and a large bench of 4*. Before I had Vivica I found getting into Diamond do-able for the raid chests. Overnight I would drop to 2100-2200 cups but able to farm that back throughout the day by going for those +40 cup raids.
Once I finished ascending Vivica and put her as center she’s been able to keep my cups more around the 2200-2300 range to make farming back to diamond easier. Staying in Diamond is a whole 'nother thing. That requires a (close to) maxed 5* team .


Thank you all for your thought-inducing replies!
Now i have some ideas of where to go and what to do in the game.

Strictly out of curiosity, what dd you decide…I find it amusing to see all the different perspectives, even tho we all play the same game, we all have very different goals and expectations…

Before chests I used to be able to get to 2300 trophies with a 3-60 Gormek Sonya cyprian scarlet and a 4-70 kiril and a 3-70 albi

Haven’t done a cup run in a while now

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Oh, i think i will thankfully take whatever my four TC20 manage to produce - Joon (he is the worst trouble-maker opponent for me now, one-shotting almost healthy heroes), Sartana, Lianna, any of them anytime ))) may be it is my trauma speaking, because it is from them i suffered the most in raids. I also hope to get Wu, for the drive and fun he brings into raiding. So all i want are commonplace “wanted heroes”, nothing fancy.

Sadly, so far (15 trainings done) i’ve got only Elkanen, guess, he is not my kind of a guy, not even for defence.

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Things have actually changed quite a bit. I never used to have much trouble getting into the 2800 range with cups and now it’s mostly 2600 to low 2700 but the variance has decreased.

I agree, Otto; as time passes, people are leveling up great heroes and making the 2400+ bracket tougher.

My defense team is a well-composed 4,038 team, and I get raided to,push me below 2,400 trophies with increasing regularity. Alberich / Magni / Ares / Musashi / Marjana all near max level.

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