Diamond Raid Chests Underwhelming

I am not sure i understand the reference of too P2W LOL
That is surely an excuse from He-man Defenders of the Game team imo.

There are P2W games and games that don’t include P2W mechanics. Simple as that, and this game is P2W.

They also already do that , they put 32.99 Euro deals for ascension materials which when i am thinking as a EU citizen, Jesus, That is at least 2-3 hours of income for min wage people for a simple digital item that you will require at least 5 more. Those items shall not be charged more than 0.99Euro imo. As they need to keep coming so players will do more pulls.

Hard pass…

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I was told that if they sold AMs directly, the big spenders would buy them all and level up all of their fancy heroes, and then they’d all have the best teams.

I was sitting there thinking…

“um… they already do? So what’s your point?”

RNG is supposed to be this great equalizer, the one great wall that keeps the haves from completely and utterly dominating the have nots. Except that it doesn’t do that at all. If anything, it has the opposite effect.

Idea I was thinking was to put just one single AM in the gem store for sale for gems, not bundled in an expensive cash pack.

Say Monday offers 1 Hidden Blade for 150 gems and 1 Mystic Ring for 450 gems,
Tuesday offers 1 Warm Cape for 150 and 1 Farsight Telescope for 450, etc.

Reasonably enough priced so that a low spender might be tempted to spend $5 to finish that one hero they’ve been waiting to finish. But also keeping the sales in terms of gems, not cash, so that even a F2P could save up the gems over a period of time and be able to “buy” the item they need the most.

Currently, yeah, the only way to “buy” AMs is by getting them bundled in some expensive package that includes a bunch of useless potions and junk and enough gems to summon a small army of Dawas.


He man and the defenders of the game team is hurting this game more than the devs imo as that gang empower all bad decisions by SG. But not much we can do, we will enjoy while it lasts :slight_smile:


The main thing that drives the game right now is profits. As long as they are making money, they will change absolutely nothing. If their profits begin to decrease, that is when they will start looking for new avenues to make money. And then suddenly we will be flooded with a bunch of deals that seem “too good to be true”, and everyone with a few bucks in their pocket will be able to have all the best teams, and that’s when the original players will cry that the game is dying, and quit en masse.

They mainly argue that the game will start to die if everyone gets all the best heroes. My argument is that the game will also die if nobody can get or level up the best heroes.

Perhaps both arguments are equally valid.

Again, I think individual experiences apply… I’ve mainly been getting a few gems and the odd minor mana potion, and I’ll usually be opening 3 a day.

Why don’t we both track it for 2 weeks?

We could, FWIW I just opened a MV, and raid chest. From the recent activity highlights: MV - 3x gems, and silver token, Raid Chest 5x gems, 1x silver token, 3x Valhalla, 2x Paladin, 1x Boots.

So let’s say we track the awards that show up in the Recent Activity Highlights? Just to screen out those 1* materials, and food and iron.

Sounds like a plan! Just be careful not to confuse the chests as I think all 3 types of chests have the same label in recent activity

Yeah, no problem there… any elemental chests will be separate as well.

I had a 3* mat earlier today but I will start from the next chest :slight_smile:

I smoke cigarettes.
Talk about a REAL waste of money.
I’d rather have something virtual than lung cancer.
Grabs a fresh cig out of the pack
Some people are just recklessly self indulgent.

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Sure, 3 coins , 1 star trainer , 3 emblem , 3 loot ticket

I honestly believe they are constantly nerfing loot in diamond chest. I have 65 maxed fives. I have that many because there was a time I would receive 1 to 2 four star mats per week from diamond chest. It is now to the point where I receive a four star mat every month or two (completely pathetic). I really have no idea what the Bozos at SG are thinking. Leveling five stars (and sometimes 3s and 4s) is my favorite part of the game. I wanted to get to 100 maxed fives but now dont care as I have quit wars…quit events…didn’t finish the NT and wont participate again. I guess I’m on the brink of throwing in the towel. WTG SG. You continue to alienate your customers. Such good business sense.


Third chest in


Only a week, but so far I’ve had the following (avg per draw):
18 Mystic Visions: 1.72 Gems, 0.0556 Silver, 1 Emblem, 0 AM
15 Monster: 2.67 Gems, 0.47 Silver, 0.07 Troop, 0.07 Valhalla, 1.33 Emblems, 0 AM
18 Diamond Raid: 4.06 Gems, 0.944 Silver, 0.056 Troop, 0.17 Valhalla, 1.278 Emblems, 0.17 AM (Boots, Sturdy Shield, Hidden Blade)
1 Elemental: 30 Gems, 1 Silver, 1 Troop, 1 Hero, 3 Valhalla, 1 Costume, 50 Emblems, 2 AM (Chainmail, Compass)

The Elemental chest is self-explanatory, but it’s pretty much trending that Diamond Raid > Monster > Mystic Visions.

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So here’s the final after 2 weeks:
35 Mystic Visions: 1.91 Gems, 0.0571 Silver, 0.857 Emblem, 0.029 AM (Scabbard), 0.03 WE (1)
28 Monster: 2.64 Gems, 0.50 Silver, 0.036 Troop, 0.179 Valhalla, 0.93 Emblems, 0 AM, 0.07 WE (2)
36 Diamond Raid: 3.97 Gems, 0.972 Silver, 0.028 Troop, 0.083 Valhalla, 1.027 Emblems, 0.1111 AM (Boots, Battle Manual, Sturdy Shield, Hidden Blade)
1 Elemental: 30 Gems, 1 Silver, 1 Troop, 1 Hero, 3 Valhalla, 1 Costume, 50 Emblems, 2 AM (Chainmail, Compass)
2 Titan: 3 Gems, 1 Silver, 1 Valhalla, 0.5 Emblems

Forgot the Titans last time, but they are pretty underwhelming. So no real difference from last week: Elemental > Diamond Raid > Titan > Monster > MV

The only thing of note is that the MV and monster gave some WE flasks.