Diamond Raid Chests Underwhelming

I get very upset if I realise that I have done one or more raids without skipping my raid chest. It haunts me for the rest of the day. I even get somewhat upset if I get an elemental chest in my raid chest slot as it mucks up all of my careful planning

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Same here. When I wasted all 6 raid flags only to realize later that the skipped raid chest became an elemental one. Oooohhh, how many times does that happen to me.



The curious thing here is that everything you like about raiding are the things that I find frustrating about it. I don’t have a deep bench to afford much strategy in team building for attacks, “minions vs minion counters… DOTs vs DOT counters” is just not a thing I can do very much or very effectively.

lol, in all honesty, to me the raid arena is monotonous to the extreme. It’s the same fights every time: much stronger opponents with bigger heroes and twice the emblems.

me- attack teams 3750-ish TP
them- defense teams 4300-4600+

me- two 5* and three 4*
them- five 5*

me- 20-30 emblems total
them- 50-70 emblems total

I mean the David & Goliath thing was kinda fun for a while but that ended long ago. Now it’s a pattern of burning mountains of ham rerolling for the those few teams I have a chance against and praying for the perfect board to pull it off. Nothing fun to me about that.

It’s the only game mode that makes me fight giants every. single. time. and that’s why I don’t enjoy it. Tourneys match us by hero rarity equivalents, we can choose war opponents on relative strengths, titans & events are another whole ball of wax, etc. I don’t want easy fights or gimmees, but constantly fighting people 20% stronger has worn me down - it’s the same as 4500 TP teams fighting 5400 teams all the time, how many top players would be signing up for that everyday?

Low diamond is like punishment. I’m sure I’ll probably feel differently when I’m able to field more 5* attackers, and emblem them, but for now it’s more frustration than it’s worth, most days it’s like anti-fun. Don’t want it, don’t need it, they can nerf the raid chests for all I care.

I’m not bitter about it, it’s just not fun. And the low rewards give me no additional incentive to participate, which actually makes me happy :smiley:


I’m at the point I don’t know why I open any chest other than for food and iron. Titan loot, titan chest, and war chest are completely worthless anymore. I only get good loot from monster and hero chests because I cycle through them at a rapid rate. Hell, elemental chest have become worthless also. We finally saw a reset token return to trials after a 2 month disappearance. Loot in this game has become pathetically thin

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I have same opinion as you on raids and diamond chest. And now I’m just play that for complete mission, and I usually directly quit the battle if feel that not possible to win. So frustrating that always pair up with very strong opponent, keep offering poor boards and actually very smart AI. Did I’ve tried to play hard and planning before each move ? Yes I did many times in the past but is that fun ? No.

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I was also very underwhelmed the first time I opened a diamond chest.

And the second time. And the third time.

Eventually I decided that I’m just as content to open my raid chests in platinum. Much less stressful, and no real noticeable loot difference.


Catching up, been at work.

Great to read most summoners have similar viewpoints to my post. Made my day.

Raiding should feel rewarding, and if we’re worried about “Whale” accounts or players who are deep into diamond rank, abusing higher return of ascension rewards… The Diamond Raid chest does not award heroes.

We are all here for new and exciting, strategic heroes. A few extra ascension mats per year, will not hinder this experience. You do not have to increase the Epic Hero Token percentage.

An improved Diamond Raid Chest would add more variety teams to the game, because we all would have more ascended heroes, increasing our max leveled strategic pool of heroes to combine in new ways.

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An interesting point. The effort of not afking a monster chest with auto runs, and the effort required to be victorious against 8 teams… These are very different values in effort, time and skill.

The fact you can sit down for a couple hours and grind, fill up a chest, skip, then fill up another chest, makes the reward amount skewed from a Titan chest that may take a week.

A solution to this, is to defer the raid chest to either take more champions to fill (50? 100?) Or if you have Opened 5 Diamond Raid chests in a row, a special raid chest shows up.

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The rewards reflect that. I find that with very few exceptions, my monster chest is pretty paltry compared to my diamond raid chest. I even get significantly less food and iron out of the monster chest.

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Sometimes the Monster chest has a hidden blade or a mystic ring. Hero Token, a few Costume Keys… A wide, massive range of who knows for afk loot.

The Diamond Raid chest is similar loot, same cooldown, with more meat and iron.

If your base is fully leveled, the extra meat and iron is a small feat for the highest tier of raiding in the game!

That is not accurate. On a regular basis you get a lot more battle items and crafting items from raid chests. You also get a LOT more ham and food (at max storage I get somewhere in the 200K+ region for both, for monster chests it averages 50-100K). The chances of high value items such as flasks, tokens, trainers, ascension mats is also much higher. The raid chest will give up maybe 2-3 3* ascension mats per month and 1 4*. A monster chest may give one of those once a month, if you lucky.

This is why I never skip monster chests - it is just not worth it compared to raid chests

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Not from my experience. Any non-farmable AM are far and few between regardless of chest. However, from my impression, there’s more chance of AM and tokens from the raid chest.

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In fact I would say the chances of getting something good from Mystic vision > chances of something good in monster chest

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Big Facts.
I’ve definitely gotten more 4* mats and 20+ blem drops from MV over regular monster chest.
I just speed em up sometime to get some cheap food and iron, burn WE, and advance chance of eventual elemental chest.

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I do the same but solely with raid chests. 3x raid chests every day

Can confirm, Mystic Vision best overall loot.

War chests and elemental chests may contain more stuff, but MV shows up more often. And oddly enough, seems to have a higher chance of dropping good loot than “normal” chests.

Only other loot source that comes close to what MV delivers in terms of time invested is titan loot - and that depends on the level of titan you’re fighting and what score you get, whereas anyone can get the full benefits of MV.

The loot in this game is pathetic, plain and simple, it is an insult to the players and completely illogical


Agreed, the loot could (and should) be much better. I’m not sure what they are so worried about losing by giving us a couple of extra items here and there.

“Noooo don’t give them that!!!”

“Why not?”

“Because then… they’ll have it! And they’ll have less incentive to pay for it two months from now when we bundle it in a $100 deal!”


The problem starts and ends with their monetisation strategy. They expect players to do pulls, sure let’s do it but when we all have tons of hero’s on the bench to ascend, then there is absolutely no reason to do pulls anymore. As the lack of ascension materials kill the desire to do any pulls.


I suggested long ago that if they’re not going to increase the drop rate of ascension mats, the least they could do is sell them directly in the gem shop. For gems, not cash, that way F2P could “purchase” them too once they had earned enough gems. In limited quantities - say one of each AM a week, that way someone couldn’t just come in and buy up enough stuff to build themselves a top level team on day one (which they practically already can anyway if they spend enough, but that is beside the point).

I was told that would be “too OP” or “too P2W” or something.

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