Diamond Raid Chests Underwhelming

Greetings team,

To achieve 2400 trophies for the first time is a great milestone. Most players are extremely excited, and love the idea of filling up a Raid Chest being the highest tier in the game – Diamond.

But how many times have you opened this chest, at the game’s highest rank, and received 3 gems, 1 class emblem and 2 Atlantis coins?

I’ve received a 4 star ascension item in a normal Monster chest. Are you saying a summoner ranked 100 trophies and fills any monster chest, is deemed similar value to the effort required to DEFEAT 40 heroes in your SKILL CLASS, after you climb 2300+ trophies (which takes a very long time and a couple fully leveled 5 stars at least) to receive these underwhelming rewards.

As a solution, I suggest to increase the Diamond Chest Loot to match a heavier Titan Chest or War Chest with high participation. This would be more in line with the coveted Diamond rank in Empires, and the difficulty achieving this rank, and staying Diamond until you complete the Raid Chest.

Feel free to comment, as I believe this solution would be well-received by the players and management team at Small Giant and Zynga Games.

If you read this far, you’re a sport. :slight_smile:

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Diamond chests are mostly crap loot.

My advice is to just do them for the food and iron, because they do give a lot in that regard. Rarely they are generous and give you something extra like an ascension mat or epic hero token, but when they do, just be glad and take it.


Your attitude towards the Diamond chest, is exactly why the loot should be upgraded.

A lot of us already have lvl 20 farms (advance farms too) and lvl 20 iron mines. Lets implement change: this is a QOL upgrade that benefits the game’s ranking system.


While a noble ideal, it will never happen.
Raid chests, at any level, are too commonplace. If diamond raid chests have the type of loot you envision it would give everyone in diamond a HUGE advantage, and I mean gigantic advantage.
They could throw extra food and iron in there, and maybe make a guaranteed token slot (silver, ett, or EHT) but anything radical like you’re suggesting would change the entire landscape of the game, and I dont think for the better.

I know everyone complains about 4* mat drops and summon odds, and there is some validity to those claims, but it’s also part of the “grind” of the game. Resource management is key in this game and while everyone hates it, low key it’s part of the fun. Who to ascend next? Building up EHTs for a shot at seasonal summons, do I wait for this seasonal event or the next? same with costume keys and Atlantis. and valhalla coins. Should I feed my troops now, or wait until I have a surplus of food? It’s all a part of the game.
Not everything can be instantly gratifying, and giving everything away willy nilly cheapens the value of EVERYTHING.
Biggest thing, esp from SG’s viewpoint is this: If they upgrade diamond chests like you’re proposing, and mats and other goodies start raining, players (esp whales that dominate diamond arena) will be MUCH LESS likely to spend.


The titan chests are often nothing to write home about either. Even war chests are sometimes boring, though you have a better chance.


I have to admit, that the raid chest loot is in the main pretty dire. It’s a lot of hard work for nothing other than trophies, food and iron …
Personally, I don’t need food and iron with my advances mines and farms going at full pelt…
And - the trophies mean absolutely nothing … I now only do revenge or have been forced to raid within the POV challenge

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with how often the raid chests can be filled (daily, max 2 days) drastically making the loot better would not be a super wise decision, imo.
theres better places to improve loot (Ninja Tower, lower tiers on events, Raid Tourneys, even the war chest) that are less frequent and deserve greater rewards.


The problem with the chest is making the player feel like “Diamond” is some magic place that awards you something really special. You get a little more ham and iron…that’s about it. So calling it a diamond is inaccurate, more like a polished turd.


At 3* diamond chests daily I would expect a 4* mat once a month. tokens a bit more common, flasks a bit more common than that, trainers a bit more common than that. I think quite a few 3* mats are there too but I literlally ignore these when I get any as they are useless to me.

I do find the iron/ham quite useful as the demands of building up HA, all the levelling and embleming I am doing and manufcaturing the titan battle items far exceeds my supply.

I’d love the reward to be better but I do agree with @OG-Pusha that if things were made much easier to acquire then that would have a negative impact on the longevity of the game for many people.

Personally what I think is a nice compromise and an overall improvement in the game for top-end players is to add another raid tier, at either 2700 or 2800 cups, with an increased reward structure. That won’t help those at borderline diamond however.


Raid chests that you can fill 2x/day are far too common for that fancy loot.

Now Titan Chests at 1x/week and War Chests 2x/month (best case)… now those could stand a buff in loot.


As more players get stronger team and higher XP level there need to be a raid loot above diamond. It would be more difficult to get because all of us may not be able to stay at that level before being beaten ups while we sleep. This could justify much higher quality of loot.

honestly I’m kinda glad raid chests are garbage because it makes me ok with skipping raids as much as I want - no big loss in rewards but a huge gain in my personal enjoyment of the game to forget the raid arena even exists


I am curious what aspects of the game do you consider as enjoyable? For me raids/raid tournies/wars are the formats that provide the most challenge/strategy/enjoyment. I find almost everything else (bar Ninja tower to some extent) monotomous to the extreme. I don’t really count titan hits as they are so quick that I can’t really find them satisfying either

Regular raids are kinda grinding to me, but I do love wars and tourneys.

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Everything but raids

Even tourneys are great

Really? Like farming? Quests? S2 or S3 levels? Seasonal events? Challenge events? All of the above?! :dizzy_face:

They can be, which is why I try to find matchups that are more enjoyable - eg at the moment it is minions vs minion counters. Used to be DOTs vs DOT counters. Its also a great arena for getting better with your heroes and understanding enemy heroes

Like wars, titans, tourneys, map progression, base/hero building, events, and yes… even farming.

Different strokes for different folks. But man are your strokes different to my strokes!

What @OG-Pusha and @Homaclese said. I love raiding. I try opening my raid chest at least 3x a day. Loot there was not as good as it was before. But I value the iron and food obtained there, even with all maxed structures. I need food for leveling 10 heroes at the same time, on-color, as well as ascending them and embleming main heroes and crafting battle items. I need iron for embleming and crafting battle items. Both resources are being hoarded in TC20 and HA6. For sure, at least food and iron in diamond arena are much better than the inferior arenas.

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