Diamond loot reduction in chests?

Is it just me or had the amount of diamonds (maybe also other loot) been corrected … downwards?

Before I got 3 diamonds in a monster chest, few times only 2, fewer times even 5 diamonds.
The last chests since the update I got most of the times 1 diamond (never before only 1) and once 2 diamonds. Is that just my bad luck or another unmentioned feature from the new update?

I also noticed significant less loot in hero chest (silver). But haven’t got that many so far. So could really be just bad luck there.

Just bad luck on your part, it is normal to get 1 diamond in chests.
As for the hero chest bad luck on that too I would say, I don’t think there’s much guaranteed roll in hero chest before platinum/diamond, so it is possible to get very few things.

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This was just now. I don’t know what the other tiers look like because I don’t really cup drop.

Just bad luck. I often have 5 Gems, also up to 10 in normal chests.

Just to clear things up: a was mainly writing about monster ! chests. Not the highest possible hero chest … which looks rather pathetic compared with a normal monster chest from before the update.

Anyone think the loot rolls (not ham or iron) got worse in Diamond since 1.12? After getting a 3 or 4 star (mostly 3*) unfarmable at least every week, I haven’t seen anything other than garbage since 1.12. Could be RNG balancing, obviously, with my somewhat unsustainable good luck.