Diamond Infantry is looking for 1 member (13-14* titans, no Line/Discord)

Diamond Infantry is recruiting!


  • 13-14* titans
  • no minimum titan score required but you need to use all flags when active
  • completing the PoV “kill titans” mission without mercing


  • wars are not mandatory but if you opt in, you must use ALL flags
  • 30 maxed heroes ready for war
  • AW strategy which does not require logging on at specific times
  • green tanks in AW (Telluria is NOT required)


  • no Line/Discord
  • a lot of members who have been with us for 1+ year
  • we have members who have been in the alliance for 1000+ days
  • support from experienced players
  • friendly, welcoming atmosphere
  • members from different countries (mainly Europe and North America)

If you have 4200+ TP/2200+ cups, feel free to join us.

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Just wanted to add something to this. I stopped by at Diamond Infantry for one war on my travels a while ago but ended up staying for a few more.

It’s a friendly and professional alliance, what’s more you get regular 12-13* titans without any participation required outside the game. Like many players, I’m not a fan of the ubiquitous Line/Discord, but I am dedicated. Also lots of higher-up alliances require Telluria which I think is daft - here if you’ve got a good roster but no green monster it’s no problem, no questions asked.

These guys are cool, experienced and pro veterans without all the OTT requirements. If anyone looking here fits their bill I’d highly recommend these guys. :grin: :hippopotamus:


2 spots open. Check us out if you have 4000+ TP/2200+ cups.

We just had a spot open up if anyone is looking.

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Hi, we currently have room for 2 new members.

2 spots open. Feel free to join us if you have 4200+ TP/2200+ cups.

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