Diamond Days

I am at Platinum right now and I’m trying to get up to Diamond and I gained some every day but every time I put my phone down or go to sleep. I come back finding that I lost so many cups and it just seems like I will never get up to Diamond I get close and then get attacked where I’m not playing in fall back behind. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to get up to the diamond level for how enough to do so many cups when you are not playing. Thank you

What’s your defence team and roster. People may be able recommend an adjustment to your defence

Really depends on what your defence team looks like, but generally speaking if I can hit 2650 cups the most I will drop is to 2450 or so.

Do you lose cups on revenges or on new raids that you can revenge yourself?

I lose cups on both revenge and new raids![Screenshot_2018-09-18-16-23-54|281x500](upload://2cVhO37njUkOLP9Q


Double color on defense is often a weakness. Do you have a good defensive yellow hero? Chao, Li Xiu, Justice, Delilah, Guinevere? If you do, I’d replace Alasie at least until she is fully ascended.
I would also consider replacing Elkanen with a maxed 4* (or just about any other green 5*, for that matter) if you have one available

@Vito342, you don’t have enough hitters in your lineup. In my opinion, you need at least three hitters to be an effective defense.

I’ve never been a fan of riposte heroes, so if you feel you need to use them, please only one. If I were to fight against you, I would bring Sonya, Caedmon, Melendor, or Sabina (or Zeline, Panther, or Domitita) on my offense against your team and simply dispel the riposte as soon as it was applied. That basically nullifies Boril and Cyp so they’re wasted spots.

Boldtusk and Alasie are a great start. Not sure who else you’ve got, but you definitely need more offense. If you post the rest of your lineup, we can suggest some things.


I might be wrong, but a your defense team is not for a diamond league. It is good for platinum. I’d roughly say that for diamond you need at least 3 fully ascended 5* heroes in a defense to keep a position.

@NPNKY and @Jalia are right about a lack of attackers in your defense. I’d also use Cyprian for a tank with Boldtusk as a flank. Three heroes in the middle statistically get more hits, so reposte effect on them gives more damage to an attacker.

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RcwWyP7DNIExqqhTh.png) these are my heroes and I am trying to build a good defense team because I am tired of losing all the time when I’m not playing. I will take any advice I can get and thank you very much

Okay you’ve got lots to work with there.

A couple of options I like are

  1. Alasie, delilah, kashrek, Quintus, marjana
    Kashrek can protect Quintus long enough for him to get a shot off, and Delilah’s minions will both help with survival and provide a bit of offense.

  2. Alasie, Boldtusk, Delilah, marjana, elkanen
    Delilah is an excellent tank. At 3/70, she’s not going to keep you in diamond, but when maxed she absolutely will (she does for me!).

Like I said, I don’t like the riposters, so I’m biased against teams that include them. Boril isn’t a bad tank, though I would strongly suggest not have a second hero of the same color as your tank. Too easy to double up on.

Personally, I’d also bring up Sartana ASAP. Definitely bring her to 4/80 before Quintus.

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You have great hero that you dont use Delilah should be on both deff and off teams… my advice for yor deff team:
Alesie - Elkanen - Delilah - Sartana - Marjana

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Thank you very much for your advice on my defensive team. I will get on it right away and thank you very much everyone