Diamond chests

Gonna be posting my daily chests here from now on

Here are 7 days to start, everyone is welcome to post

My raid chest yesterday.


I’d post a video instead of a bunch of screenshots.

iOS has a built-in screen recorder

For Android, there’s an app called DU recorder.

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  1. Recorded with DU recorder
  2. Went to the desktop site of imgur
  3. Uploaded recording
  4. Copied link to video and pasted above.

That’s how I do it. :smile:

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Why would I do all of that and not take a screenshot

Those 7 screenshots are 7 different chests


Is this just for Wanted chests? Rare/colored chests included? Mystic chests?

Will you be cataloguing the results? :+1:

Na these are just raid chests

I’ll record them after 100 tries

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what’s the goal behind this Denys?

Get to 100 and see how many of them give ascension items


I get it! So you will put it in an overview afterwards? I’m looking forward on that!

Thanks for doing that @Denys! I’m following your progress and very interested with the results.

Took a lil break

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