Diamond chests


Gonna be posting my daily chests here from now on

Here are 7 days to start, everyone is welcome to post


My raid chest yesterday.


I’d post a video instead of a bunch of screenshots.

iOS has a built-in screen recorder

For Android, there’s an app called DU recorder.


  1. Recorded with DU recorder
  2. Went to the desktop site of imgur
  3. Uploaded recording
  4. Copied link to video and pasted above.

That’s how I do it. :smile:


Why would I do all of that and not take a screenshot

Those 7 screenshots are 7 different chests




Is this just for Wanted chests? Rare/colored chests included? Mystic chests?

Will you be cataloguing the results? :+1:


Na these are just raid chests

I’ll record them after 100 tries


what’s the goal behind this Denys?


Get to 100 and see how many of them give ascension items


I get it! So you will put it in an overview afterwards? I’m looking forward on that!



Thanks for doing that @Denys! I’m following your progress and very interested with the results.


Took a lil break