Diamond challenge: how many diamonds can you put on the board?

Ive done the Thanos Challenge 3 times. But i did this today. Thought to share image



Completed Thanos’ Challenge, albeit a bit late. Still really cool to have done it, never more than 4 before and to have some dragons and bosses from Teltoc.


This was always call “Thanos Challenge” before

Most I’ve gotten was 7, while not a rainbow. I got 5 in a rainbow, but the 5th one’s creation made a match and blew up the board. Just got a rainbow of shields in a failed raid.

I happened to have this in 8.7 farming.

I also made a set of rainbow gems but it was at the end of the session so missed capturing it.

Anyone can share his/her rare moments?

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Look this one up, there are a few pretty amazing boards:

@zephyr1 possible merge


Wow!. Mine is nothing. The third place, I wonder if it is even possible.

I like it, I think I haven’t managed that so far :slight_smile:

I know this is an old thread and the challenge “event” or whatever is over; this isn’t especially impressive compared to some of the best posted here, but one of my alliance mates managed to pull this off earlier and I thought it was pretty cool.

Yeah not perfect alignment or anything, but he did manage to get rainbow diamonds.

This is the first time I was able to complete a thanos challenge. Too bad the contest is over


not a small amount I think )

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Wow eight diamonds. That really is pretty awesome. Great job!!!

Lol figures a challenge like this already exists… took this screenshot like a month ago so I don’t even remember what happened. Seeing as it was at the end of a raid, I don’t remember if I could’ve delayed the kill and made that extra red gem…

I am not that good with diamonds… how about this? :smiley:

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