Diamond challenge: how many diamonds can you put on the board?


I managed 6.

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I got 5. Then the board ran out of moves, automatically shuffled and blew them all away.

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Same record in our team (yakitori from ‘jeu et honneur’, french team). Great


I came here to show of my 5 in the same board.
Now I feel like an amateur when seeing this…

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6 for me lol


I’m happy.


Keeping the diamond challenge alive…




Just wow for those boards from @Lienthag and @AlexMex! 8 diamonds and what’s most impressive is u managed them without somehow having them set off! :+1:



8 is the most I’ve managed


[quote=“elmorao, post:1, topic:10759, full:true”]
Who can beat my 5 rainbow color diamonds on the board? :grinning:
6 is the best I could manage

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Doing this is quite popular on the E&P reddit page and is referred to as the Thanos challenge.


Best I can get so far is 4… ugh!!!


For anyone who’s posted in this thread before, you should definitely enter this contest:

=> :infinity: The Thanos Challenge – A Competition of Skill & Creativity

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A talented friend :smile:


I almost clear my whole board with my next move :wink: