Diamond Battle Loot -more disappointment

Made it back up to diamond raids but the loot is hardly worth it!

Seriously makes me want to quit sometimes. The 5 titan chests are another dissappointment.

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If you want more - BUY IT. It’s all about this game what you need to know :slight_smile:

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The diamond chest gives you more ham and iron, that’s it. Always been that way. Doesn’t make you feel better busting your butt to get there, I remember saying “that’s it?” But the monster chest has never been a reliable source for good loot.


Raid chests exist solely for the significant ham/iron drops. They’re the best way to convert gems into resources, since you probably have a few dozen raid flasks in your basement.

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I just got poison darts from a Hero chest, so it all depends on your luck.

AFAIK, here are the “good” loot drop rates, from bottom to top:

  • Monster chest
  • Hero chest
  • Titan chest
  • War chest
  • Elemental chest

I believe the loot drop rates increase slightly between normal, platinum, and diamond, but are still pretty dismal overall, like with everything else in the game. Those $29.99 pick-your-own-ascension “specials” ain’t gonna sell themselves.



It is RNG

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Fact is diamond raid chests are slightly, incrementally better than lower levels. But not that much - sometimes you get trainers, loot tix or Valhalla coins as a little bonus, but the really good 4* mats remain painfully rare. Perhaps the odds are 0.5% instead of 0.4% (I don’t know, just spitballing ) but it still is a minuscule chance

Was there ever a time ham wasn’t sexy!?!

Truthfully I worked to diamond, got a few boxes in a row and realized the difference between platinum and diamond wasn’t worth sweating for me. I always hover on the border of the two arenas and my boxes are probably 50/50 too. My offense can get me there, but my D can’t hold it.

The real trick to good loot is getting a B on a titan apparently. Last couple of times I fell to a B I got better loot than my most of my A’s and A+’s. Goes to show, there’s no point in overachieving, you’ll only be disappointed :laughing:



Of course it’s all anecdotal and everyone’s “luck” is different, but I typically get at least 1 unfarmable a week and on average 1 4* mat every month just from diamond chests. Plus a few emblems 90% of the time. That on top of the ham/iron. Just for reference, I fill 2 hero chests a day (3 a day during the tournament)

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