Diagram of the Elements in the Edit Team menu⭐

Hello everyone, I come to suggest a very simple thing, just put the diagram of the elements in the area of editing the teams and not just during the attack as it currently is. (But they can keep there too, it doesn’t hurt anything)

That way it would be more visible when assembling the team, which element of the most damage in which and thus it would be easier to assemble the appropriate team! To make it easier for new players or players with problems.

It would look like the image below:

I know that most people already know how to decorate, it is very simple, but for some players it is more difficult!
So if you agree with this little change let your vote and comment so that it is implemented in the game!
Thank you all!

Sorry. I don’t need that diagram. If you have been playing long enough, this should already be ingrained in the player’s mind that green is strong against blue but weak against red, blue is strong against red but weak against green, red is strong against green but weak against blue, and that yellow and purple are strong against the opposing color but weak against the same color. All others not within any of the above-mentioned parameters deal neutral damage.

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Yes guy, not need also not is to we, i say this:

@staff is it difficult to do that?

This would improve the look of the game, and it doesn’t hurt anything.

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