After a month from my previous post, and just finding out recently that another community member (Mai) quit playing, i decided to make another rant/question devs post once again. For anyone curious, previous post can be found here…

I’ve decided to address a big problem Mai indicated from that last post, transparency, mostly between the game, us, and devs.

ITS CLEAR NOW that we really don’t know whats going on for the most part of it. From drop tables, to preparing for the monthly events, to even how STATS work in this game. Why are you hiding this information from us???

Drop Tables
From titan drops, to just regular old map farming maps. What drops what at what rate? What do those chests mean on the top left? Just some information one it, and what makes some maps give more “chests” than other maps would be helpful.

Monthly Events
Okay. Great. You told us you changed stuff. CAN YOU TELL US EXACTLY? I don’t think it has to be a secret.

This should be a pretty simple one. What does 600 atk mean in this game? What about 600 defense? Abilities that deal attack damage say 235% of attack power. That means most heroes should be doing 2000+ dmg, but they dont. SOME INFORMATION ON THIS WOULD BE GREAT. I’m sure one of us could be doing a lot of calculating work for it but, you guys already have the answers to it. Why not share it???

The person who helped dig up quite a lot of information helped a lot of us(me included) and just left. I think it’s pretty clear something needs to be change. The community has suggested great ideas. I think you developers should really listen or else more of us will be leaving, and leaving very sour notes about this game.

I know a lot of us want the best out of this game, its why we keep giving you guys this feedback, but it feels like it falls off on deaf ears.

Please devs, let us know what is going through your brains, and let us work together to make this game better!



why do you feel you are owed the exact details of loot drop tables? most games do not share that info and it’s not available unless there’s a dev/modding kit which lets you pull it. that request just seems like an annoying power gamer request.

also your monthly challenges gripe seems weird / they told us th basics of the change - making beginner tier easier, giving xp, adjusting the rewards. the first two are both player requests and we’ll see the details when th challenge starts, so unclear what that gripe is. as for adjusting the rewards, again we will see them when the challenge starts, both for completion and for places, so again this seems like a very petty gripe. overall, the devs seem to have listened to the feedback on the first challenge for the second challenge. are you complaining that you have to wait until the challenge starts to see what changes? to me that gripe doesn’t hold much water.



Thing is, devs don’t owe you anything. You can pay for gems, not their inner thoughts or background information.


Someone told me yesterday that Mai has not quit, is still playing the game, and still reading the Forums. May that give you some peace of mind. :slight_smile:


" Devs, what are you thinking?" - quick answer, making money duh :smile:

I don’t think the Devs care that much if our dear community members leave, I have a friend that put over 1k€ in short amount of time, and God knows how many impatient like him are out there.

And @Adar is right. It is what it is.


I think most games actually share loot tables, or atleast some what of “what gives what at what %”. I can’t speak for all of us but i use a lot of materials for hitting titans and i actually need some basic materials just to do well. It wouldn’t hurt too much atleast to tell us what exactly the percentages are when it comes to extra drops in certain provinces. Something that clearly still doesn’t make much sense is why 8-7 is still best place to farm all of this, despite it not having any extra drops on many items.
In terms of new event challenge, personally i was a bit thrown off and unprepared for the fact that it split it into tier groups into hero ''d heroes. I didnt have 3s to try to even do the lowest tier as i was busy leveling up my 4*. Perhaps its a nitpicky part of me but, being left in the dark about something like that is a bit upsetting. If its a challenge, it should just be plain old hard, not surprising.

Perhaps i came off wrong but, its not owing i want from the devs. I want transparency. If you are going to do something, let us know in the updates or somewhere… (so many things change that they don’t even note in the update notes)

Well thats good to hear. It’s always upsetting to hear people leave due to frustrations. I’ve had a few alliance members leave due to the constant frustrations of titan drops.

There’s nothing wrong with making money. All of us are trying to do that right? :sunglasses:

I don’t mean to offend anyone, but i just want to highlight/reiterate things that devs seem to miss.



Transparency really doesn’t hurt. If you look at the way huge gaming companies such as Blizzard and Riot communicate with their players you will see huge updates that not only document publicly every little change they make, but also give context to those changes. Riot especially takes writing patch notes seriously - they have some awesome fellow/fellowette doing them with some humor and making them really appealing to read.

I don’t know why power gaming is considered an insult here. There are people who simply enjoy geeking out about a game and find a lot of fun in calculating various damage thresholds or coming up with optimal builds. It will not hurt this game in the slightest, it will not even make it more predictable due to the simple fact that people have various heroes and they cannot simply tailor their teams to some cookie-cutter build (which won’t even exist due to different enemies heavily affecting what’s actually efficient).

Transparency and openness about the changes, plans for the future (of course unless it’s for instance a new hero or event type that they want to reveal with hype), and things that are undergoing testing goes a long way into building an active - and hence often devoted - community of players. Players that feel their opinions matter and are heard by the developers are much more likely to care about the game more, become attached, want the developers to succeed, and, in result - pay.

I think it would really do SG some good to engage with the community more. Sometimes for the sake of transparency, sometimes to tell us why someone’s idea would or would not work, sometimes to tell a joke or to meme. I understand that developers are busy people, but community management is an important thing and that’s why companies nowadays try to get closer and closer to their players - chatting with them on reddit, answering questions on forums etc.


I’m not holding my breath for drop tables; I’ve played many games that don’t provide them…but I care very much that each and every change be documented and made public. shrug


Bare minimum i’m hoping for is them documenting ALL update changes.

Thank you Ellilea for that paragraph! :heart_eyes:


Special drop rates are about 2x normal, so if you need a particular item go to a bonus zone. That said, for things like Chainmail and what not the drop rates are still very low regardless and as such it takes a lot of data to see it. For things like backpacks (which I was tracking) in 5-8 vs. 7-7 or 8-7 it was readily apparent and I assume it holds for all bonused items through all zones.

I haven’t integrated much of my recent data as life has been busy but unless that has changed in 1.7 that still is the case.