Devs, sit down here a minute, we need to talk – Improve War Loot & War Chest Rewards

It’s very simple for as I stopped spending on summons and use free stuff to do pulls with now because the amount untouched 4 and 5 star heroes I have including duplicates is just totally rediculous and the amount sitting at 4/70 is just heartbreaking to see.
The amount of mats I need to Max all my heroes at the current drop rate will take years NOT Months to obtain and that is only if I am lucky. I am talking needing around 30or so plus mats of each element here not just 1 or 2 short and that not including the 4 and 5* s I haven’t touched or stated on yet.

I like and enjoy this game, I remember when elemental chests always had some sort of mat in them and now for at least the last 5 or 6 I only get crap and no mats at all.
This is the same with titan chests, war chests, etc, even MV since the time change has just turned to a pointless task, I mean 1 gem, come on or 1 gem and 1 farmable item, I mean this on for days at a time, it’s totally :crazy_face:, I haven’t à decent item in MV for literally months, my war chest gets 1 mat every 3rd or 4th chest if I am lucky, my titan chest well that’s just bascilly ce come Nothing more that a means to gain crafting items as mats just aren’t there anymore and same goes with the elemental chest.

12 to 18 months this game had achievable rewards, in the last 8 to 10 months things have taken a complete turn around and decent mats and rewards rewards where you would expect them to be after all the effort put into completing these goals like war chest, titan chest and elemental chests have just become pointless degrading achievements with heartbreaking results after so much hard effort of never missing a war hit, never missing a titan, never missing a quests etc etc in 2yrs and you still get crap for it.

Anyway I already know the response to all of these as you guys do, it’s all random without any guarantees at getting anything but in the meantime we will take your money whilst you keep increasing your hero roster and spend gems on expanding the Hero storage to hold them in and we will keep stretching the boundaries by limiting the rewards to avoid you getting to big. And yea bigger players will come in here says that they constantly get great rewards that our luck will change, I know, have read all the responses so please refrain from REPEATING YOURSELVES PLEASE as my only hope and goal here by posting this is that someone from SG actually gets to read THIS, nothing more.

The bottom line is as I enjoy playing this game I will continue to keep playing it but as for spending, that’s just NOT ON ANYMORE until I am satisfied with results of being able to get enough mats to upgrade the heroes I do have in terms of months and NOT YEARS. Now That’s 3 of my acc’s and 3 of my misses acc’s plus my sons acc’s totaling 8 acc’s SG losses out on in terms of revenue per month should things be more acceptable in terms of rewards. You see it’s not the spending that is the issue which is preyed upon from unknowing beginners but the struggle of it just sitting there doing nothing at all because (let’s face it) the rewards/game can’t keep up with the spenders requirements that it just brings you down to a complete hult.
This is the exact same with most of my alliance members and they have been with me for 2yrs now.

Anyway I just thought I’d throw in a little support towards an area of the game that I feel DOES need some serious looking into.



I’m playing rarely last 6-8 month, nothing changed. Same situation with summons. on Christmass event i get only Buddy of event heroes for 60+ summons (no donation, epic tokens used), both of Avalon event summons without any event heroes.

I offer a new promotion: #NoDonationsUntilLootImprovment

@zephyr1 @Guvnor @JonahTheBard @DaveCozy @Rook @littleKAF will there be any reaction from EGG to what is happening in this thread?

Pretty sure I know what Jonah is about to say… they have no control over loot or anything else that happens in the game. They’re only volunteer moderators on the forum, not actual SG employees.

EDIT: okay, I was a little off. But the point still stands. Even the mods get bad luck. They’re playing the same game we are, apparently they get zero perks, aside from the ability to merge our threads around to confuse us.


Hi @Ifreet

This thread is two years old so there is unlikely to be a response to it now.

I’ve been playing for over two years and only have two event heroes. The odds are very low but Small Giant continue to prosper, so I doubt there will be a change in the summons mechanism.


this thread is old, but new threads merging with it, so we writing here.
Have no idea who have contact with SGG, how to reach them

You can send a ticket to SG from inside your game:

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if many of us cry for. Will the war chests improve them just as they ruined Telluria?

And Vela. Please do not forget about Vela :slightly_smiling_face:

that was without a doubt a massacre

What the hell are you talking about? Ruined Telluria how? Did you bother to check top 100? You won’t find nothing but Telluria tanks there… how exactly was the damn thing ruined? Or are you refering to the fact that she’s ruining the game?

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there are other heroes better than him and they don’t nerfy him
The big problem with Telluria is that it has come out to half Empires, it has been distributed much more than others, Tyr is a thousand times better and Alfrique too but what happens is that you will not find many, so it is not his fault. player but the incompetence of the programmers who were responsible for cloning Telluria, Telluria for all

Any response from SGG? @Petri

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There a lot of rants on unfair alliance war matchmaking. Our alliance just faced it in current war (new alliance with far more powerful players).

It seems that there is “easy” trick which is used by some players. Just create a number of alliances and switch between them. All alliances but “current” are either new, without win/loss record tracks or intentionally lose wars (with single dummy member) to lower war score for future wars.

I suggest simple thing which should discourage such a behavior. As far as I know war chest loot depends of war participation level only. If it is, for example, 100% it does not matter, which opponents were fought against.

Let’s take aggregated power of two fighting alliances, something like war score but without adjusting to win-loss history and use it to make war chest loot better or worse.

Cheaters like that who switch between alliances to fight weaker players will ruin their loot. It should discourage such tactics. From the other side, the single point earned by their opponents in case of loss will “weight” more and result better loot as compensation for such kind of matchmaking.

New alliances may get worse loot for first wars, but it also OK since they fight with weaker alliances.


Any thoughts on this??

I think war loot is poor win or loose, but war chest loot is the point of participating in the AW. Switching between alliances to participate in AW resets participation % and reduces war chest loot, and it is not very smart to do that.

You missed point a little bit. The whole team changes alliance (create brand new or use some created before) with clear war history to get weak opponents, fill cheat in 5 wars and so on.

And in doing so they sacrifice their titan loot… In starting again, they face 1-4* titans for the first 1.5 weeks… Best you can get off those titans is loot tier 7 (tier 8 if they get to 5* titans etc…)

So yes, they can get the war chest every 2.5 weeks BUT for most of that time they have almost no chance of getting 4* mats from titans and a lower chance to get 3* mats as compared to hitting bigger titans (11* and up say at C rank gives better loot tier (and loot) than A+ on a 5* titan)


If only switching when chest is filled then there is no penalty involved and allows them to fill more chests by winning more wars due to facing easier opponents

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