Devs, sit down here a minute, we need to talk – Improve War Loot & War Chest Rewards

I love alliance wars. Our alliance, generally, loves the concept, the game play. It is an outstanding feature, and it’s brought us together with people across the world that we never could have possibly known in any context.

Furthermore, it added an element to your game that got everyone excited about levelling as many guys as we could. Having a strong war team is awesome. I love the challenge of trying to get all kinds of guys, with various specials so I can counter whatever the other team is bound to throw at us.

That being said, (sigh), the rewards are just absolutely awful. They are completely disproportionate to the effort required to win and, quite frankly, for a level 41 player they are essentially worthless. There is actually no point in even giving me rewards if I am going to get my 837th feather and 978th leather armour. BUT! I am not here just to whine and complain, I’m here to offer solutions. Give serious, serious consideration to including a war chest, as others have posted previously in the forums. Make it something like 6 war victories, and make the rewards akin to the elemental chest. Stock it heavy with epic tokens and trainer heros. These two rewards fit with the theme of army building. They really are the blocks by which players are going to develop stronger, better teams. And remember, the absolute fastest anyone could fill this chest would be 3 weeks, if they won 6 straight wars. Stock it nicely, it will, unquestionably charge everyone up to get out l, play, and win wars.

Thanks for your time.

I like it! (Now i understand the 20 character note in posts).

I like the idea and i like how you express it.
I particulary enjoy the token rewards rather then ascension items for once.

Good job.

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I like the idea. Actually AW is not less effort than killing a Titan. So, why not making them equal both in immediate loot and chest? Or at least in a chest.


Nah, nerf the war rewards. It’s the only way now to have a fair game.

There have been numerous suggestions and threads presented on the boards already regarding this same thing. Some don’t make a lot of sense but some really do. I’m totally behind this…
It seems like AW should’ve never been release AWs without the AW chests. It’s unfair to ask players to have a roster of 30 competitive heroes (ultimately) without the means to somehow expedite their ascension. The fact that you can get better loot from farming the game vs playing AW (win or lose) is a sure sign that something’s gotta give… If it wasn’t for the comradery I’m not sure it would be worth the time…
I particularly love it for the challenge. Those arrows are really messed up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How do you mean ?


I mean there’s an alliance winning every war. Even if there wasn’t, one would emerge. The top alliance wins 100% of the wars, while alliances #2 - #5 and beyond win about 50% of the wars. This makes the 30 members of the top alliance leave everyone else in the dust (maybe slowly, but surely). I’m not in an alliance that would realistically challenge the top alliance, but I was surprised that the alliances #2 - #5 seem fine with this.

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I like this idea, because I’d much rather get an exciting chest after 6 victories than a typical garbage one after each.


I see your point. However, I guess this wouldn’t be any different than any other reward mechanism that’s already in place, i.e. its widely considered that the best loot is in the higher titan loot tiers, in the top spots for specials events, etc…
BUT, the elemental chests, from what I know, don’t discriminate between top level players, mid level or beginners. We all have the same chances at the same loot. I think this is an appropriate way to handle the AW chest as well. Granted, some alliances will be mismatched and might not win as often, and we all hope that the devs improve the way we’re all matched. But I’m tempted to say the vast majority still wins wars, maybe not consecutively but they still do. I find it hard to believe that you wouldn’t want your fair chance at ascension materials after ‘X’ wins…So, in short. Make the loot fair for everyone, same as an elemental chests.

FYI. I opened an ice chest last week without a single ascension item…But that’s a separate issue. :slight_smile:

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I got toilet paper, oil and a rock yesterday…I’m not sure what they expect me to do with that, but it sucked…hahaha


I think it is hard for the dev to give great loot for war, because there is no scaling here. What I mean by this is that if you go and fight a 10*, you chances of getting good loot is a lot higher than if you go kill a 1*. But for war, everyone is the same. Doesn’t matter if you are a bottom alliance or a top alliance.
Even if you hit once vs hitting 6 times, you get the same chances of good loot as anyone else (except winning team vs losing team).

While I agree that they need to do something to increase the loot, there is no great idea.

I have no problem when players in different alliances get better rewards, but with wars the “weakest” member of the top alliance gets better rewards than everyone else who’s not in the top alliance. This will increase the gap between the top alliance and everyone else.

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Then I guess you know the answer to my question the other day to be a definite no?

yes, all winner loots have the same chances of crap loot. all lose loots have the same chances of crap loot.


We have lost our last war and my reward for losing was a hidden blade! Poor reward ?

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For everything that’s holy, I hope you’re kidding…lol… I got tissue paper as a top attacker.
On a serious note, cases like yours are an exception it seems…At least from general feedback.

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Ok, I am making up numbers here, but it is so you can understand.

Lets say winners get 10% chance of getting an item, and loser get 2 % chance of winning an item.

Guess what? the winners can all get nothing and the losers can all get something. The winners just have a higher chance of getting something, but it doesn’t mean that the winners will get better loot than the losers.

Another way to put it is, you go out and buy 5 lottery ticket and I go out and by 1 lottery ticket. I can still win and you can still lose

If rewards are tokens or trainers heroes… nothing that some good gems can’t buy.

Honestly right now with the new ascension offers every week, there’s pretty much nothing that a spender can’t buy.

At least even no-spenders get some more chance.

I really like this Idea as well it may inspire more to expand there play while as it stands there fun. But not very rewarding in the end at least as far as rewards go. So great idea. (๑・ω-)~♥”