Devs putting a stranglehold on mana pots?- Large bones, Midnight roots nerfed

I have noticed a distinctly lower drop rate on large bones and midnight roots. This of course limits our ability to create mana pots.

I don’t think most players mind a reasonably long, challenging search for important items like 4* ascension materials. For those with the ability to pay, I’m sure many opt to buy those things, or buy into summon events, etc.

I think it is pathetic that Small Giant finds it necessary to severely restrict the availability of basic items like raw materials for low level battle items. I’m left to assume that the reasoning is to drive purchases.

It shows a short-sighted business team who doesn’t understand how to build and maintain a long term player base, and thus a more reliable revenue stream.

You’re not getting the loot you want, and this is the conclusion you draw?

Anyways, go farm stages where the drop rates are higher for those items. Lots of info has been posted on here with drop stats.


Try changing where you’re farming


Mine appear fine.

Have you collected any data to support this theory?

I found that at certain stages one becomes dependent on certain items for titans etc and suddenly they run out.

My current paradigm of dearth is dragon bones for timestops because 10* titans are one shotting my 4* heroes.

Are they dropping less frequently? No, I expect I’m just using them quicker


I have been in spots where I have a drought of materials , midnight roots included ( fine steel , ores , etc)…BUT it doesn’t mean they have stopped dropping…

As some gamers have stated, try a different stage for materials. I have no worries with materials …but I WANT dragon bones … point me in that direction lol :dizzy_face:


Forever out of midnight roots, hard lumber and grimoire dust.


I will admit I’m low on midnight roots, but I do have enough super mana potions …for now

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Yes the game doesn’t want you to make many Mana pots. My supply is getting real low


Do you like, not use items ever?


Really interesting discussion about this ( linky, linky)

Edit2: Click for side discussion on Midnight roots

I am also low. After completing Season 2 normal difficulty, I only have 50x 100% Mana and 695x Midnight root.


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Thanks for the replies, good context as usual from this crowd, even if I hate it when you’re right. Perhaps a better way to express my frustration is how costly mana pots are…

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i think it just our inner ego that want good loot everytime

personally it happened on me for backpack , used to get 3-7 at s2-1-9-hard before but lately i got 0-3 only for few days , started to fell furious but it come back normal now.

RNG is something , just get used to it