dEvS iGnOrE bEtA fEeDbAcK

Of course they do

  1. Whatever changes are planned, they go through several stages of planning - analysis, development, QA and simulations. Getting a build ready for beta testing requires a good amount of dev work
  2. Primary goal of beta is to test if there are any bugs that need to be fixed by getting real players to test variety of code paths, ways to improve UX (eg: timing of animations, colors, tooltips, language), gather data through A/B testing
  3. Making drastic changes during beta pushes release cycle by weeks, which also affects release of other features
  4. Game has hundreds of thousands of players, with maybe like top 10% players on this forum, and maybe like 0.5% players participating in beta. Feedback from such a small targeted set is very susceptible to sampling bias. An average player (like me) doesn’t even know names majority of new heroes, let alone care about who they nerfed or what synergy is OP
  5. Often there is pressure (from bosses, board, or shareholders) to increase revenue. And often compensation is part salary, part stocks so devs think about things like revenue and profitability

B-but I spent $10k to build my current defense team

Congrats but you played yourself. You already gave away that money, but now you’re the old guard standing in way of new players who are equally willing to drop more money in game to take your spot

Hope that helps provide some insight on what’s it like to work in tech

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Players have a distorted view as to what part they play in the development of the game. Beta testing is a ticket to get your opinions listened to. They “don’t listen” because a lot of the feedback is irrelevant to what they’re looking for. Feedback is useful… but not all feedback is used.

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