@Devs: Christmas Retro-Atlantis Heroes

Hey Devs, how about for Christmas, you guys bring Hel back for the Atlantis Summons.

She’s a fan favorite and I’m sure if we did a poll on the forums, she’d be at the top.

Just a thought, figured if you guys didn’t already know, it wouldn’t hurt to say something


She was just in the summon recently so I doubt they’ll put her in again so soon.

You mean…like Ares? LOL

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Personally, I feel like the first year of HOTM should be available at the element summon so when those come around we have a chance to pull them. There is no reason that those heroes shouldn’t be in a permanent circulation, especially at the rate the developers are churning them out.

Absolute agree :+1::+1::+1: 101100001110110000000110111111

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