Devotia - A Casual Alliance for Friendly, Active, Members

Devotia is an Alliance formed over a year ago. We are a small team but most of our members have been here for between 6-12 months.

We are looking for new members to help us grow and take on tougher battles. We will be looking for the following:

Hit Titans
Participate in Wars
Be part of our community, communicate

Our doors are open to all with a minimum of 1000 trophies.

Hope to see you soon!

Welcome to our newest member Fraz. Still plenty of open slots, come and join the family!

Good morning. I am part of an alliance (Skull Squardon - leader is DanVDW) that is very similar to yours. We are currently at 14 members, most of who have been members for 6 to 12 months as well. Our range of trophies is from 1200 at the bottom all the way up to the top five which hover around 2300 like yours. We average beating 6 star titans and do well in wars but have been trying to recruit players to progress up the titan and war ladder as a team. We’ve found that recruiting is very difficult, especially for intermediate alliances like ourselves, so the idea of merging with a small similarly built alliance has been talked about. If two intermediate alliances like ours came together, we could start with average level titans where we’re currently at and build up to the stronger titans and wars over time. I’m curious if you’ve thought about merging with another team like ours. Our top players are all extremely helpful and we all help our lower players learn and progress with us. We use the in game chat and also communicate through a group chat with the Line app. If a merger of some kind is something you’d be interested in, please let me know and I’ll set you up with our alliance leaders. Thank you.

Sorry for the typo. The alliance name is Skull Squadron.

Plenty of slots still open.

Looking for a possible merger with an alliance of a similar size.

Current Team Size - 12 Members
Alliance Score - 62050
Language - English
Current Titan Levels - 5* - 6*

TP Levels:
High - 3949
Low - 2826
Avg - 3394

Trophy Scores:
High - 2378
Low - 1062
Avg - 1620

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