Device running hot after Android update 1.8.1


I have noticed my device (Motorola X pure - 16gb) is getting very hot since updating to Android build 1.8.1. I run nothing but the game now and is still very hot even when not doing anything in game.

Never noticed temperature prior to upgrading. Is anyone else experiencing this or is my phone telling me to put it down and go outside and play?

Thanks for the input!


I have an iPhone 5S, running IOS 11.0, E&P version 1.8.0. I typically run 5 apps simultaneously.

The only time the phone gets mildly warm is when I play while the cord is hooked up to recharge the battery.

Is it an Android thing? :thinking:


I don’t have any problems with my device which also works with android.


I googled it…maybe this will be of help?


Thanks all for the input, figuring out it’s just me. Happy hunting!


Aeron, i also have a very hot android. Very hot. In my hand right now after playing a while. Have a nexus 6p.