Device memory!

Ok here is the problem I am having and this will kill my journy with E&P
I am on Samsung J5 phone.
The device memory is slaying me hell to manage the last update 15.2 download from the store.
The game is talking so much space of my phobe memory.
My J5 maybe old device, but its all I got and will have for long time, due to life expenses.
Please try to do some thing with the game space.
Its never compeletly moved to the SD card, and always when any avilable download\update moved it self to the phone’s memory which is almost full!
If the next update will be over 5mbs it wont get enough space to make it, which means I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PLAY E&P any more :sob:
Help me please, I have already removed all my other games and most of my usefull applications. :disappointed_relieved:

Edit: I don’t know if I root my device, is the game will keep running or it will be a problem, some said if I root the device I will be able to move the full gamee folder to the SD card but I am just scared to do and then the game stop working. As you know after rooting there is no turn back.

what version of Android and what samsung j5 is from which year.

Android 6.0.1
Last update 12-26-2017

  • no memory to get next updates with out removing E&P :sob:
    Model SM-J500H
    No clue what is the year !
    But I bought it on 2015

I say root the phone, then remove the junk Samsung installed by default and doesn’t let you remove. I should do the same. :slight_smile:

Not really a problem with the game here.

Saying scared as I really mean it.
I need @Petri or @Sara word that rooting wont be a problem.
I am addicted to E&P and will feel so bad if I lost my game by rooting my device.

look at this app for moving on SD card.Some uses it, it also moves samsung apps
app 2 SD
I have not tried it, get information before installing it.

It called app 2 SD ? Or am I missing some thing here brother?

Which app there are too many

AppMgr , inquire before installing

Downloading it and hope it will work

Didn’t work :cry:
Still the biggest part of the game folder on the device memory

sorry, I can not do more for you.

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Thank you for trying to help me bro!

@Rook @Coppersky
Guys I need your help.

I don’t have an Android, so I’m uncertain of what rooting a phone involves.

I do know this: you can always reinstall the game.

To do this safely, first make sure that you are saved in google play (check in options in game menu), sign into facebook (it doesn’t save the game, but gives a reference that facilitates recovery if required), and write down or screenshot your account number (on the about tab in options).

Beyond that, you can get more specific help through Small Giant’s support team. Clicking the support button in game will let you send a ticket directly to those helpful folks.

Let us know how things go!

I’m not techie…@Coppersky? Help?

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I don’t know if you’ve already tried, click on the link below. I asked Uncle Google how to get extra memory on a j5:…0…1…5…46j35i39j0i131.X6IS4F6u-Oc

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This is to clear the SD Card, my problem with the internal storage memory!
I can’t erase my SD card … all the Apps have small part of them on SD but the majority are on the internal storage memory.

I really don’t see any other way for making space but the rooting … but I still don’t know if it will infect my E&P running or if it is safe to do. This need a techy from E&P or SG.
Please @Coppersky help me.

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Generally rooting has no impact on how any normal app will run, and I would not be concerned E&P wouldn’t run anymore. Maybe some people on this thread suggesting rooting, are running E&P on a rooted phone, just to give you 100% peace of mind about that? I have had rooted phones in the past, but my current one is not, because there has been no reliable/safe method to do it (actually not sure if there is now or not, it’s an LG G5).

And just to let you know, un-rooting is possible. As a last resort, a factory reset would most certainly do that… but that should not be necessary.

However… I might be overly careful with these things, but I would caution you to read up very carefully about the rooting procedure for your phone, to understand what you’re getting into. I don’t specifically know anything about your phone, my last Samsung device was the S2 probably 5+ years ago (which I did root) and I don’t remember a ton of details. There can be the possibility of “bricking” (=breaking, turning it into a “brick” effectively) your phone if you do something wrong, like flashing software for a slightly different model or something like that. You have to pay careful attention that it will work specifically for your exact model, the SM-J500H on Android 6.0.1… the update level might even matter.

I don’t say this to scare you, but really just so you’re aware that there can be risk, and to not do it casually. If you’re not very technically inclined, maybe you know someone who is that could help?

Having said all that… it looks like this matches your phone, it lists your specific model SM-J500H and Android 6.0.1 and even the “December update” which is presumably your 12-26-2017 update. I’ve only done a quick search to find this basically, didn’t watch the video… if you’re going to go ahead and do it, watch that video of course and read up on that forum to research what you’re doing before you do it.

Best of luck…

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That’s the best way to put in a support ticket. :slight_smile:

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