Developing current game content as opposed to adding new

Hey everyone, I know the topic is very broad, so I will get specific here with what I mean. I have been playing Empires and Puzzles for almost 2.5 years. I started playing with Athena was the HOTM for perspective.

As we approach Season 3, just as was the case in Season 2, there are mixed feelings about how its being rolled out, why its being delayed, sporadic hero offering and all that as well as the players who may possible take a break from the game (temporary or permanent). I think it is a perfect opportunity to ask, why not further develop some already awesome game features to further the depth of the game in its current state?

For example, as we get into Season 3, we are anticipating 9+ brand new heroes from 3* to 5* as well as the monthly HOTM addtitions. For players who have been playing for over a year or even longer, we already have 30 maxed heroes (4* and 5*) but currently in game the only time they all will get used is during war, but even then, only 30 get used. Why not expand war as we add new heroes?

If the goal is to retain current players as well as entice future players, how can you expect the current tenured (1.5 years plus) gamers to continue to be entertained (and frankly want to play further) when several of their maxed 4 and 5* heroes are not used? Why not increase the amount of war flags to further increase everyone’s hero depth? Adjust scores as needed in the background, that doesnt matter. Its interaction with the game that matters and we are missing out on some great expansion opportunities with all these unused heroes. I think the large plus to war is it forces the player to actually play the game and not auto farm a level with a 4000+ TP team that you know will easily win. That is monotonous.

-How about adding an additional 3-6 war flags in war to increase the competitiveness and allow for more heroes to be used?
-Adding a dynamic to the Weekly Raid Tournaments where you can only use the same hero once per day. 5 daily attacks, forces 5 unique teams, with 25 unique heroes. Encourages more hero development and depth.
-Faster/more hero capacity. I feel the rate at which this increases throughout doesnt match with the expectation of how many heroes you are expected to keep on hand. I understand purchasing more capactity is an option, but give us more slots at each level (more than current ratios)

Most of us tenured gamers play for the friendships we have built in the game and as an exit from RL. I think if we consider some of the proposals above, you will see more in game interaction and participation and some of the tenured players want to continue to play.

Thank you for taking the time to read. I know it is a lot, but it all needed to be said and explained in the proper manner.


I agree and remember suggesting over a year ago that a way to not only expand the games usefulness when you have completed s1 and s2 maps is to have it totally reset at for example to a 10 or 15% harder difficultly level with a few increased rewards so that the whole map becomes basically a new game that has virtually grown with you thus offering more challenges in the process and when that process of maps is completed it resets again with a further 10 to 15% difficultly etc etc and so on thus the story never ends and everything map stage becomes a continuous task.

As it stands now using myself as the example but deeply think it’s the same with every veteran player that once the maps are completed they just basically sit there becoming mostly worthless/useless with the exception of a couple of stages for farming and the s2 monthly special for 3 days and even that has only taken me to using only 2 stages to collect the added bonus coins which get done with loot tickets anyway so there is really no more fun in doing either maps once they are completed.

But by increasing/resetting the maps it would become a whole new ball game of challenges to complete using your ongrowing roster.


Thanks for taking the time to write this!

A main takeaway for me can be summed up as this:

Add more ways to use our current Heroes, instead of just endlessly adding new Heroes to acquire.


It’s quite funny that some people complain that there’s to much to do and some that it’s too little.
I don’t see a benfit of making stages harder after complete as majority just going to auto farm it anyways loot won’t improve if they are be sure of that.

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If only this was a voting feature!

While I appreciate the whole “new content” thing that SGG are doing to make things interesting I definitly would like more ways of using the heroes I have… Not just the headline ones but forcing me to use some of the abnormal heroes…

I really liked the introduction of the Class Trials as that has forced me to use some hereos who don’t get used much elsewhere in order to build the depth…

I would love to see the War & Raid Tournaments expanded to include additional rules… some suggestions have been put forward here & elsewhere (I’ll link my faves below) but the biggest thing I would love to see added to Raid Tournaments are more restrictions/ rules…

  • I would love to see multiple elements restricted (rather than just 1 all the time)…
  • Also how about using the “restricted classes” mechanic that already exists in the tournaments?

Some of my fave links:


I love this idea! It would be so nice to have a reason to use more of my heroes. And it gives opportunities to use my beloved 3s that we’re my main teams as I awaited 4s & 5s but now sit with looks of dejection and abandonment on the bench except when they can shine in 3 raid tourneys and rare challenges.


To use more heroes was my intention here:


I want to see return on my investment.

I can compete in the top 10, raid as high as a like, beat any stage, go 6/6 in war (at times), and do everything the game wants with my current heroes. Why should I invest in more pulls, new heroes, and new features?

Yes, there’s a small power creep, but a lot of that can be mitigated through play style or with emblems now. So again, why invest in new heroes?

In order to KEEP players investing, the horizontal growth of the game (new features, stages, and heroes) needs to slow down, while the vertical growth (war, raids, current events, etc…) need to be fleshed out more.

@Volsfan hit the nail on the head here. Expand war, maybe adding a new feature and more flags. Expand on tournaments to force people to use different teams throughout.

There are LOTS of things to explore and expound on in JUST the content already here that will still make people want to spend.


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Great ideas Volsfan. I hope they listen and enact some of these ideas to increase the longevity of this game.


I find myself holding onto heroes for raid tournaments only. Heroes that may see the light of day once per month. Some that I don’t use at all but can’t bring myself to feed away. Once you get to a certain level, you’re not using 4s for war anymore. They want us to make pulls for new heroes that we may never use? It’d be nice to utilize the variety a lil more. I’d love a reason to use the bottom 50 heroes of my roster for something.
One of the most frustrating parts of this game is reaching a plateau where theres no point in leveling suboptimal heroes. Sitting on feeders, and hoarding mats until perhaps you’re lucky enough to draw those elusive heroes we all want and few have. It’s something that’s driving people away. At least, if there were other uses for lower heroes, it’d give reason to further develop one’s roster.
Very well put @Volsfan


I started a thread about this twice. Once a long time ago to see how people felt about it and again about 3 months ago. It was not well received. Basically people considered it catering to the long time players or elite players. Here is a link to the most recent thread:

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Oddly enough, at only lvl 39, I can see this being an issue in the future. After so long, and so many dollars, it’s going to be difficult to justify such expenditures in the future. While I am sure SG will find new ways for us to spend our money, boredom will eventually set in. Sadly so.

Without some sort of adjustment for those who have come before, and all their knowledge, the rest of us who are trying to emulate then…become as awesome as they are, will lose all of that to the simple fact that they have nothing to work for.

They’ve done it. Why try for more. A new hero is nice, but you can max it in a day or two…so?

I am very far away from this, but at this point you can see the future. SG needs to work on this. Not everyone can make YouTube videos guys.

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Not necessarily. There were some PoV quests in beta that showed promise but never made it to the main game, at least not yet. The one where you needed to win X number of raids while using 2, 3, 4 or 5 Barbarian class heroes looked intriguing. There is certainly a small number of players right now that could field such a team. The point is that developing new things to do with your existing bench does not mean making a new event and summoning portal. If SG would simply change up the ordinary “Mine Iron” and “Gather Food” quests in such a way that it would use more than the ordinary farming team that would be good too. For example make the quest a single hit against a titan and make the food gained be proportional to the damage dealt to the titan.


I’ve thought that they missed the boat by not going to hero and roster customization to breathe life into this thing. Long story short: classes/kinds of heroes boost various stat properties in raids/war for your attackers and defenders (attack, defense, health, crit, Mana gen). Additionally, individual heroes get the option to obtain gear that can be used by specific heroes, colors and classes. Such gear is more than a stat boost and gives a hero something useful (i.e., “hero with this gear is immune to blind”).

But I think there’s a chance that some burnout may be accelerated as well by what they’ve done with the schedule.

Week 1: Atlantis
Week 2: Challenge event
Week 3: Costumes
Week 4: Season 3

Plus wars, Titans, PoV and rare quests/other quests…hard to see much space for a break either monetarily for those who spend or in play time if one wants to keep up.

While I like more things to do, I wouldn’t want more war flags, we already have a lot to do during the week. I rather it be they make it to ban one class from war, like wizard, one war then no fighter the next.
If they add new content, I much prefer it something that allows us to choose when we want to do it instead of limiting us to just one or two days.


I would like to see them enhance war and make it so we have more variety, especially in our defense.

Any enhancements to war are welcome at this point.


I like many of the ideas presented. Both adding more war flags and restricting heros used by class/color/gender/etc could all be cycled in to a rotation to keep things fresh.
I would also suggest to add to the war mechanic by having players need to choose a new defense team once the initial one is killed. I could imagine one variation to be that players have to set 3 defense teams. If the first gets cleared, the second appears once the time recycles. If the second dies then the third appears and perhaps would stay. I am sure creative minds could come up with other ways to set it up as well.
Regardless of the specifics, i think the main point is that collecting heroes is only fun for a period of time. Once you reach a certain threshold there is little motivation to spend as much for heros you likely wont use. Giving players new and different ways to use them allows people to choose what things to participate in and what not to.


1 small problem with that. MOST alliances do not have the players that could use that many flags, most are using junk heroes in 30 no way more.

“Adding a dynamic to the Weekly Raid Tournaments where you can only use the same hero once per day. 5 daily attacks, forces 5 unique teams, with 25 unique heroes. Encourages more hero development and depth”.
1 small same problem.
The new heroes will not stop because the whales want new and will spend for it, stop new and money slows way down. NOT happening

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I’d like to see changes to the wars. It’s been my favourite part of the game but lately it’s become tedious just fighting Kunchen (or now Hel/Ursena) tanks.

Please don’t add more war flags - it’s often difficult enough to get players to use their 6 flags!

A 3 star and a four star war would add a whole new dimension to the wars.


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