Developers vs Beta testers

I decided to open a separate thread and will repeat my opinion again.

People have right to complain, because there’s a lot of things which could be done much better. A lot of people devoting their precious time and spending money often end with getting nothing… There are also dozens of great ideas and possible improvements but the developers don’t even bother react on any of them.

I don’t necessarily need to see replies like “Yes, we’ll do that” or “No, we won’t do that”, but it would be great to get a reply like “We like this idea. It could be on our to-do list one day” ONCE IN A WHILE.

All developers aren’t the same. There are a lot of developers from various games expressing opinions like this!

It’s all about who you are. If you’re somebody caring only about money, you will probably never reply to any ideas, which is the case unfortunately…

But you definitely shouldn’t blame our beta testers for anything. Developers are the ones making decisions and as it was already said many times, they don’t even pay to them. They are just volunteers :wink:


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