Developers, Please Watch this Video - Let's have a conversation about power creep

I stumbled across this Youtube video recently which analyzes power creep in gacha games and gives a few examples of how power creep affected gacha games in the past.

I have nothing to do with this video. I’m sharing this because I think it is an excellent analysis and a warning of what can happen when power creep is not handled carefully. I understand some power creep is necessary to keep the game profitable. I am still a big fan of Empires and Puzzles, and I want to start this conversation because I want the game to stick around for as long as possible so I can keep enjoying it. I know that the game is planning a lot of new content for rollout in 2021, but I am very concerned about the sharp increase in stats and much stronger special skills of many of the new heroes being tested in beta.

We’ve already seen what can happen when things are not balanced in 2020. It caused many long term players that I know to leave the game. Please don’t repeat the same mistakes in 2021. I’m not just talking about HOTM, I mean all the new event heroes and new seasons as well. Even whales will get tired when the shiny new toy they just spent hundreds or even thousands to get is quickly overshadowed within a month by the next overpowered release.

Analysis of Power Creep of Hero Stats - Long Read Warning - General Discussion - Empires & Puzzles Community Forum (

@MysterySpin did a very thorough analysis of power creep back in 2019, and the rate of power creep seems to only be accelerating.

Empires and puzzles is a long term game, it takes most players months to level the new hero they are excited about receiving. Give people a chance to enjoy their new heroes. New releases should not come too often, and new heroes should be desirable, but not make old ones irrelevant. If you’re going to make season 4 base stats close to a max emblemed season 1 hero, then season 1 heroes need to be rebalanced so they’re still playable. (And no I don’t mean costumes which is another thing you have to gacha to get.) They’re still the backbone of the game for the vast majority of players. For a long term game, it is so not worth it to ruin the game for short term profit gain. You only have a paying audience for as long as they still play the game.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. Cheers to a fresh start in 2021.


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