Developers, Alliance Wars need to be revisited and tweeked

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this post.

First of all, I have been playing the game for over a year. I do enjoy it. I have the same complaints as most people about the loot being lacking, but it can be worked around. But, the Alliance Wars really needs to be looked at and adjusted. I am the leader of an alliance. We do love the idea of the alliance wars, but it is painfully obvious that there are alliances out there that are manipulating there alliance scores in order to be matched up with weaker alliances to ensure victory. Either by dropping trophies or letting titans get away or both. The last 3 alliance wars we have been in, our team has been beaten by over 1000 points each time. looking at the opposing alliance members team scores, there is no way that we should have been matched up against them. All of their team powers we clearly superior to ours. It has been an obvious mismatch.

I have read other peoples complaints of alliances only putting 1 hero in their defense team. I know this diverts the remaining points to other members, but it diverts them to the members with the higher team strength to make a tougher time of being defeated or able to score points on.

So I have a few ideas that will deter people from manipulating their alliance scores to draw weaker alliances in their match ups.

  1. In the preparations stage, all members must set up a defense team with all 5 slots being filled with heroes no lower 3 stars. If this is not accomplished before the start of the war, that member will be removed from participating and the opposite team will be rewarded 100 points to their side for each member that fails to set a team to be able to earn points.

  2. Alliance leaders should be given a Forfeit Button. If a leader decides that the opposing team has too great a power to be defeated, he can just forfeit the match and save his alliance from embarrassment of being destroyed by 1000 to 1500 points. If a forfeit button if pressed, neither alliance receives any loot at all. Also if a forfeit is initiated, that sends a message to you, the developers to investigate why a forfeit happened.

One more thing. Please improve the loot from chest and Titans. Give us things that can not be farmed.

I agree with some of this however I have players that don’t have 5 3* heroes to put up yet. They still working with 1or 2 2* heroes so really that part doesn’t seem fair for all players

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While I agree with the concept of either automatically filling AW def or removing them from the war as it would make things more even.
I do not get the idea of a forfeit button. As you make no suggestion as to how it could be used. If it was only during prep day then that might work. But if as I think you mean it can be pressed during a war if you are getting beaten why would you want to have this. As it would make any war a farce where any leader could just decide oh ■■■■ we are being beaten let’s just forfeit and neither side gets loot.
Maybe you might like to rethink this and say have a surrender button. Where the leader of an alliance can just stop the war and surrender at anytime.
In our current war we are facing 2 def teams of 1 hero which makes our opponents lowest TP 3400 which is far higher than 70% of our alliance and 10% of our guys are under 3k. Did this stop us having fun no. Did it make us want to quit not at all. After an hour we were 1k behind on the score but by being team players and actually using our abilities we are at the moment now 500 points ahead. It’s not over yet and we may still lose but the team knows we at least gave it our best

  1. Alliance score is no longer used for matching, just Titan Score. So cup dropping doesnt affect matchmaking.

  2. If alliances are sacrificing Titans to get better matches, they are losing more loot than they might reasonably expect to win in a war. Silly them.

  3. The ‘Fabian’ strategy of single defender teams is a losing one that any competent alliance should defeat. It doesn’t need to be ‘fixed’, except to avoid easy, boring wins for opponents.

  4. A ‘forfeit’ button is a terrible idea that invites rampant misuse. It seems likely that SG is working on some sort of ‘opt out’ option just now, but who really knows.


Love this! The button should only be available in the preparation stage and the first 10 hours of war.