DEVELOPERS? Alliance War Scoring calculations Explained?

Can a developer or designer please explain how each individual battle is scored? I understand it’s from health taken away. But can you show details please? like how it is calculated? a formula perhaps? It’s very unclear. I tried to search the forum but only vague generalizations are found. I would like to know how it calculated versus different heroes… a formula would be appreciated and it would give us an idea if we are attacking correctly.



Neither a developer or designer but the implementation is currently something similar to this:

These numbers are not accurate, this is just for you to see what it works like.

A total alliance is worth 1000 points.

Across 30 members with teams of 5000 hp each = 5000*30 = 150,000 hp.

1000 points / 150,000 hp = .00666666666666666666666666667 points per HP.

Killing a team of 5000 HP will net you 33.3 points.

Now this applies to alliances that do not have 30 members as well. If you take an alliance that only has 25 members with teams that each have 5000HP, the total HP for the alliance is 125,000.

Doing the math on that, each HP will net you 0.008 points. So if you take out a team that has 5000hp, it will net you 40 points scored in AW.

Hope this helps.


So… put one 1* Hero in the defense team is the winning way, like the last war? I hope they fixed it.

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No, putting 1* defence team would lower your total HP count. That would mean each HP would give more points.

hmm, and when just the weak of us do that? We testet it last time with one guy, just for fun. Killing him, bring the enemy just 6 Points.

But your other teams should have given more points is return. The points are balanced so that stronger teams give more points. Of course if you had only one weak team he gave a small amount, but your stronger team gave more in compensation.

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If you put in 1* heroes and your team didn’t, you’d be worth only 5-10 points compared to their 30+. But those points your team isn’t worth would be distributed to your other teammates (they’d be worth more)

If you all put in 1* heroes, you all would be worth the same points at 33.

But if you were to all to but 1* team, the opponent would collect the same amount as if you had your top teams.

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Ok. Sounds logical. thx

Two wars ago alliamces were worth 2000 points, i suspect it may go back with fixes
Last war we got 1119 for wiping the other alliance, of course we may have had some extra points duento the revive bug, but don’t know

Are the bonus points for killing off a team the same for every team or also better for stronger teams?

The numbers like I said aren’t accurate, it was there just so I can explain how the scoring works.


2 wars ago, there was a bonus for killing the whole team. Come that back for the aktual one? Did they fixed the revive bug? Does anyone know?

I believe the bonus for finishing a team was taken away this last war

That was a bug, it should be back

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I feel like i am the beta tester^^ the war comes defenetly too soon.

can someone please tell us if that was actually the case? how do you know it was a bug? did a developer say that? can someone telll us if that bonuses for that are coming back? i think it’s ridiculous we don’t know that. The fact you know that and others don’t creates an unfair and inherent advantage for you. and exactly what IS the bonus amount? This needs to be cleared up so frustration is lessened and we can create a clear strategy.

can anybody tell us?

They did tell us that actually and petri placed a link to the notes of everything that was changed and fixed for tomorrows war

-----The link please?

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