Devana vs Akkorog

I have 6 darts, have been ascending Akkorog, but today I pulled Devana.

My other maxed yellow are: Ureus +18, Vivica +18, Joon +18. I also use frequently Mist +18 and C Li Xiu +18.

I am asking purely attack, as I don’t have Ranger emblems so they won’t be on defence (both are Rangers).

I leaning slightly towards Devana, but alredy have Ureus, and Akkorog is fast. Or should I wait for other yellow 5*?

Focusing on offense, Devana is better.

  • Easier to control who gets hit
  • Dispell (VERY rare stuff in yellows)
  • Minion control against very popular currently purple minion-maker defenses
  • Invaluable elemental link with extra mana generation each turn

Akkorog hits way harder, but that’s where his advantage ends.

  • Can’t control who is hit
  • Rearrange may actually make you lose a raid that’s otherwise won
  • Underwild gem bonus just looks silly when you compare it to Devana’s link

If you were focusing on defense, Akkorog would definitely be the better choice there (between these two only). Offensively, Devana wins by a league.


Agree with everything Bunny, but just with statement that on offense Akkorog would definately be the better choice is a strech for me :slight_smile:

DIspell to 3 + self minion does (35% heal basically) is alot more valuable in my opinion than more dmg to 3.

Lets say that elemental link + Devana minion killing feat + 35% attack of minion is comparable to fast speed of Akkorog. If we agree on this, upper comparison of dmg vs dispel + 35% heal holds :slight_smile:

my two cents

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I said “on defense” → Akkorog has a high chance to wipe 3 of your heroes, or at least deal a truck-tier damage (higher than Killhare for the first hit) that will bring them to near-death-experience. And rearrange is not really a backlash when targeted at offense.