Devana or Sir Roostley

I was about to ascend Sir Roostley and ended up pulling Devana and now am confused as to which one to give those precious darts to. I have a pretty well rounded roster in terms of heroes and neither of these guys will see my defense so it’s just a matter who is the better heroe? Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Sir Roostley is good in defense, as tank or flank. I have him with talent 19. With medium mana Speed he is much less suited for attack, so if there are still all enemies there when he is ready, you are probably in a dire situation :flushed: When there are enemies gone, your situation is better, but then Sir Roostley can hit most times only two enemies, three if you are lucky, almost never four. I have Devana at 4/73 now, so she wasn’t in any serious fight yet. For me she seems very promising.
So, for defense as tank or flank: Sir roostley. Else: Devana


Currently am using roostley on offence. I find his flaw of only hitting two targets is really never that big of a deal since his attack is already huge, with offensive capabilities he pairs really well with mist. Plus the new formations really helped elevate his use because tanks are no longer always the first to die, so he can make use of that to overcome his flaw

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I would consider emblems, and also my current roster to help decide.


devana has more utili for offense,
roastley is good for defense

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