Devana Delay. Long pause

I have never started a post or bug before, so hopefully this is correct. I scanned through the thread and the only post I found in this was closed a while back and was apparently fixed at that time.

I have been seeeing a significant delay of a couple seconds between firing devana and the effect of her Atk.

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I want to say it’s with several HOTM that came out in the same series (Yang Mai appears to have the same delay as well.) Didn’t realized they’d claimed it had been fixed, but I certainly still see the long delay.

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Yeah, I see this as well, and have since I started using her.

I haven’t noticed it as much with Yang Mai, but I also don’t use her as much.

It’s for the drums sounds


I play with the sound off, so that makes sense.

I also notice it with both Devana and Yang Mai. Never knew it was cause of drum sounds… thanks for that :slight_smile:

I don’t Think I have ever played with sound on, so now I gotta try it out :joy:

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