Devana – 5* Holy/ Yellow - July 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

21 EHT and 3 Costume pulls, only ■■■■ pulled oh man…

almost at +20, you are close.
i maxed him the moment he got to 4/80, i was like bam bam bam +20 done lol

no matter how many other red heroes will come by, even if they were stronger than the mighty Azlar, he will always have a special place in my heart. right next to heim, my most prized possession :rofl:


Maxed my Devana as soon as I got her, and made this video against one of the top defenses so you can see how she’s doing and be the judge.

Too bad there is no special animation or anything when her minion kills the opponent minion to make it more clear when it happens and to whom. It’s easy to overlook how good it is. It’s going to be difficult to decide whom to take to my rainbow antiminion raids - Devana or Uraeus. Need to play with both to figure that out.


Say WHAT?!?!? :astonished:

20 welcome backs for your new Isarnia!

Yeah…that was an early lesson in locking heroes. She was my 4th pull from TC20 and whilst drunk in a pub and playing I put my phone in my pocket when it wasn’t locked.

Woke up find Id fed Isarnia to Brand. And the game punished me for that until today :joy:

Now if it could kindly give me a new costume for her we will call it evens


Well, now I want her so bad. With Lidenbrock, she could be a nice anti-Bera hero.

Congrats to all you people who (i low-key hate) got Devana! (jk i don’t hate you)( :hocho: :hocho: :hocho:)

Since i have Noor, i very much recommend her minions which are similar in strength and purpose. I also love Devana’s art. I’d love to get her as well.


Oh my, today is a lucky streak for me… Gafar from 4th EHT in sand empire, c-Magni from 5th key summon in costume chamber… decided to see if my lucky streak would continue and

Arman (new) and Devana!

Haven’t been this happy with an HOTM pull since Seshat and Malosi…

I’m gonna stop tempting RNG fate now I’ve been unnaturally lucky today


Yeah. I could imagine. Unfortunately I have neither. I am excited about the beefy minion and mana generation though.

@SamMe Thanks. But to show how unbalanced my HotM are, I have 1 purple, 1 blue, no green, 2 red and now 4 yellows… reason why I am short darts and flush tonics.

Please somebody remind me that it’s only the first day of July and just because I didn’t get the HOTM with 12 EHTs and 20 Masquerade summons it doesn’t mean I have to throw the rest of my gems at the portals right now. I’ve got at least a few pulls’ worth of all the relevant currencies for later in the month. Tried telling myself but not believing it at this point in time.


I think the best way to do that is to stay away from this Thread. Remember that for everyone who posted that they pulled Devana, there are hundreds and thousands more who didn’t


Good advice. I’ve also been thumbing through the costume portal and noting how many I already have. As of this morning that includes Costumed Magni :smiley: so it’s best not to be greedy at this point. There could be some excellent featured heroes later on in the month, including a second Masquerade.


@Quinn3 I hear you. I have unbalanced HOTM too. I have 2 Dark, 1 Ice, 0 Nature, 1 Fire, and 0 Holy. A total of 4x HOTM. :sweat_smile:

Fortunately, I do have more balanced seasonal event 5*. I have 0 Dark, 1 Ice, 1 Nature, 1 Fire, and 1 Holy; a total of 4x seasonal 5*.

Back on topic, I’d like to get Devana. I’ve gotten 4x 3* dupes from Sand Empires, and 1x 5* dupe + 2x 3* dupes from the current Costume Chamber.


Me after 30 keys and 40 pulls from gems Stauro!
Also i got C Domitia and C Khagan.

An alliance member has tested this out and Noor’s minion’s cannot destroy all of Devana’s minions, due to Devana’s innate special


Nice demo, but you are not benefitting much off her best ability: the mana gain for yellow hero elemental link! I’ll be stacking mine with Slow and average speed yellows.

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Just be patient and stick to the plan. I’ve been saving up most of my summons for this month on the portals and was lucky today at the costume portal to get her after my 2nd pull. Never had such luck before but very happy I pulled her so quickly, now I should be wise and save up all my planned pulls instead of getting like a dupe Devana or even more :sweat_smile:

After Malosi last year, she’s my 2nd yellow HoTM


Yup, I’ll definitely have her in my yellow mono when facing minion squads but I use it for wars only. Regular raids I play only with rainbow so sadly HotMs have only themselves to benefit from links :wink: Will record my next war attack if I don’t forget.

That’s great my friend, C kaghan is really nice, i don’t have C domitia. Congratulations

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one minion for herself!!?, would it be nicer to summon a minion for all allies or at least to near by allies or the minion chose a target with minions, in my opinion


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