Dethroning Guinevere

How about a purple hero “Hades”?

-Very Fast loading mana speed.
-deals 135% damage to the target and nearby
-the target and nearby enemies receive mana
block for 2 turns
-mana link

Atk 706 def 774 hp 1334

With a design like this…

I liked it, but the stats would have to be the opposite, he would be an attacker and not a defender só swap att and def stats (774 att would be too much, I would put it around 725)

Maybe you’re right… I’m just tired and bored of playing always guin in tops…

Nice art, but you just reinvented Hel with very fast mana. . .

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I know, but that’s what it needs to stop Guinevere from beeing the only tank of the tops

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I think the sand heroes are intended to fill a similar role, greatly reducing the healing of Guin and other healer-tanks. There are already a fair number of decent counters to Guin - Panther, Hel, Red Hood, Domitia, Merlin, Hansel, Gretel, any buff remover - so I don’t think the game needs an explicit counter so much as more heroes of her quality in an offensive capacity. Even if you designed the perfect counter to Guin, I’m not sure you’d see fewer people use her since that same hero would inevitably do well vs other top tier tanks like Ares and Delilah.

And what shall we propose to dethrone this vastly overpowered Hades? All this design does is escalate the arms race.

Guinevere is unique among tanks for being able to both buff with HOT and remove enemy mana to prevent immediate dispelling. Red Hood already provides a counter for the second one, but it would be nice to see a new hero that can counter the first as well. Something like a “buff blocker”, a debuff that prevents enemy buffs kinda like how Aeron’s shield is a “debuff blocker”.

That is a very interesting idea.

Just remove the extra defense Guin gets against purple! She is already too overpowered to have that. Leave her the way she is, stats and special, except for the extra defense against dark.
You can only pray for a good board to kill her before she fires or have immediately a debuffer charged (impossible as Gunn removed mana).

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Or a medium speed single target skill (under 350% damage) who Steal & Reverse buffs:

  • Target have increased mana regeneration :arrow_right: Special

    • caster get M. regeneration /3 rounds
    • target lose M. regeneration
    • target gain -34% mana generation /3 rounds
  • Target have health regeneration & dark shield :arrow_right: Special

    • caster get H. regeneration & dark shield /3 rounds
    • target lose H. regeneration & dark shield
    • target gain (0.1% caster’s ATK) damage and vulnerability to dark /3 rounds

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