Determined Loss

You know I could quit the game this morning. After all the effort and money and work. The determined losses that the game delivers makes me sick.

I go 5/5 in the raid tournament, my defense is an A, and today I go 0/5 with entirely emblemed 5* all slow mana team.

Tell me how you lose 5 in a row in a rush attack tournament if the tile delivery isn’t preset for a loss?

Please fix this determined loss system that is CLEARLY set into game play. Including wars!

It maddening enough to stop playing altogether, after two years!


Why do you think it’s a determined loss today but not a determined win yesterday?

It seems that you have not complete grasp the business model, yes you can win some but is you want to finish and rank on top you need to spend money, buy back, pay for flags to finish events, etc. I was on the same situation I went from 5/0 to 0/4 the next day but is not worth it to buy back in the case of this dumb tournaments, when you face teams with 2 or 3 Alfriki + heimdal, mother north or alberic which is basically a guaranty lost. I know of people that bought back and the next day they were out again.

It’s a determined win and loss. You name it wars, raids. I can almost tell I am going to lose within the first three moves and what they’ve put on the board for tiles.

But you play through regardless? Or do you give up at that point?

Oh I totally finish every round. Two years of playing I’ve experienced this enough to understand how this game delivers just about anything. Including when you win, and when you lose…

Well, after just coming up for 3 years my conclusion is somewhat different, but life would be boring if we were all the same.

I’m assuming you work for e&p at this point in some fashion :laughing:

Not even close. By the same token I’m assuming you work for a rival organisation of e&p.

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Ok troll master flex

Have fun taking notice on day two of raid tournaments, or flags in war, or war matchups overall, or regular raids - for a designed failure of “fill in the blank delivery”. For when you don’t get tile delivery you need to charge mana even once for one hero, in an entire match.

It happens and it’s designed to happen before you ever even start…

This thread really needs to be merged with the “Tiles aren’t random” thread.

You can have fun discussing this widely disproven conspiracy theory in there with the other Anti-SGG zealots.

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Ok idk how to do that.
this is no theory I play this game all the time straight for 2 years…

Only reason you can call it a theory is because I don’t have the algorithm code to expose it!

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