[Details, Lodge] Invisibility potion or what does it do?

Link to the status effects guide:


Enemy cannot target invisible hero, so you can’t think of it as 20% protection from damage for your team (but you can for Ameona’s special), because your other heroes will get hit by slash attacks (unless the invisible hero is the last one). So you are only protecting the invisible hero.

If you want your 20% damage reduction (on average) you can use Arrow attack

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Is there any point to use it when we have Titanium shield? It not only covers 3 heroes but also reflects any damage and status ailments. The only disadvantage of the shield is it can be dispelled but anyway pros are much more important. Am I missing something? I hoped that those potions will be at least very cheap, but after researching they appear to be highly more expensive than Titanium shield.



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Sorry if this has been discussed but I can’t find a concrete answer. I never even researched invisibility potion because the shield seems better in ever way. Now we get them for free and I want to know what I’m missing.

Shield is cheaper, lasts longer, covers 3 instead of 1, and most importantly, reflects damage and effect back, rather than just avoiding a hit and forcing titan to hit a teammate. Shield even with the nerf is A++++ and seems to severely overpower the potion in literally every single possible aspect. Seems like this was a clear design flaw by SG, or just intended to trick the unweary.

What am I missing?

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I think less than 1% of the player mass waste resources on invisibility potions, so, who cares…

Thanks but doesn’t answer my question.

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@anon32506521 You miss nothing, except the chance to waste titan parts on crafting the potions. Don’t fret. Though there are YouTube videos where such potion was used and it was against a high level titan where the player only brought 3 heroes.

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Simply useless item.



([Details, Lodge] Invisibility potion or what does it do?)


If the hero can’t be target of an enemy attack why this item looks not useful with counterattacks and reflection?

If you don’t see me how can you counterattack or reflect to me?

Invisibility and Reflection seems incompatible.

Use case Holy Rare Titan with holy reflection and you give invisibility potion to Wu.

If the item is not intended to do so, why it is crafted in Hunter’s lodge? I can’t find a use for it.

As I understand it, invisibility prevents the enemy from targetting that hero at all. If he is not targetted, he obviously can’t reflect either.

I only have the couple I got from PoV, myself, and can’t think of a reason I would craft more.

Functionally they are useless tbh. Don’t really understand why I’d ever craft them as they are.

If they turned you into a ghost so you could still be targeted and the Titan/end stage baddy in Event missed you then I’d see a potential use. But even though only a potential use…

Is Invisibility Potion similar to Ameona that will remove all dispellable/undispellable Buffs/Ailments/Stacks ?
Does Invisibility Potion protect hero from counter/reflect/dispell ?

It seems that invisibility potion does not work against reflect. Is this by design? Feel like that is a error cause what good is it doing in the hunters lodge if it does not work against titans?

I went in agains a 14* Dragon Rooster with green reflect. Thought I’d try this potion and took Tarlak with my red team. Fired up Tarlak with 100% mana and activated his special then gave Tarlak the invisibility potion thinking that would save him (afterall, it is an item that came out of the hunters lodge).

Anyway, just so happened that i could make a green diamond next…so…i tested it and low an behold…Tarlak died instantly. :expressionless:

What is the point of this potion if this is how it works? This has to be a bug, else it is meaningless in the HL…


I agree that it seems to be a bug. I’ll test with Miki in the next Rare Blue Titan.

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Have asked for people to look at it.

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Not a bug

It is not a bug

It is by design

Reflect/ Counter attack will bypass all defense stat, and defense buffs ( see notes )


See notes


Click for notes






Thanks for clarification! And Titanium Shield? It can be used for protecting Miki from reflection held by the Rare Blue Titan?

No. You can’t reflect a reflect. As @Gryphonknight says, it bypasses all defense buffs.

Otherwise two teams with Mitsuko or Ursena could cause an infinite loop.


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