[Details, Lodge] Invisibility potion or what does it do?


[Details, Lodge] Invisibility potion or what does it do?

Invisibility potion means minions, physical/ slash attacks and special skills will not target you.

Attack all heroes special skill attacks will ignore invisible heroes. Attack nearby special skill attacks will ignore nearby invisible heroes.

Special stages, like Poison must, still do damage.

If the only hero left is invisible, Bosses will not trigger special skill ( so their mana bar remains full ) and Bosses will skip their physical/ slash attacks.


Thank you @Gryphonknight, you answered every question I had about invisibility potions. Appreciate it!


That’s kind of a shame. Would be better if they went ahead and wasted the attack, like with Ameonna in ghost mode. That’s part of what makes her so fun to use.


If you bring Hansel/ Merlin/ Gretel, this can turn into a bonus.

Some other heroes like Kestrel do more damage if target has full mana.

I don’t know if anyone has tried using them yet, but if they only make one hero invisible, what are the odds the enemy hits exactly them?.. I mean, I know it’s 1/5, but seems kind of pointless to fill one of the 4 slots with this item :thinking:

Once I get the status effect into the guide, I’ll make sure to leave a link to your post here :slight_smile: Thank you!

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Enemy cannot target invisible hero, so you can’t think of it as 20% protection from damage for your team (but you can for Ameona’s special), because your other heroes will get hit by slash attacks (unless the invisible hero is the last one). So you are only protecting the invisible hero.

If you want your 20% damage reduction (on average) you can use Arrow attack

Is there any point to use it when we have Titanium shield? It not only covers 3 heroes but also reflects any damage and status ailments. The only disadvantage of the shield is it can be dispelled but anyway pros are much more important. Am I missing something? I hoped that those potions will be at least very cheap, but after researching they appear to be highly more expensive than Titanium shield.

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