Detailed probability disclosure

Many games in Japan and Korea indicate the probability of each item or hero being acquired. And I think this system is also needed for EP.

I think that all heroes of 3 stars, 4 stars, and 5 stars should intuitively disclose the probability of appearance and the increased probability of each event.

What do you guys think?

What I mean is a list of all heroes.

Ex) Kadilen 0.02%
Horgal 0.02%
Finley 0.01%
Kolen 0.5%
Azar 0.75%

Like this

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Yeah it exists. They show the odds on the summon page.

Unless you mean show the broken down odds per hero.



Well they already disclose that in a lot of areas (summons) in terms of heroes, but adding that for TC20 would be nice

Personally I would like to see more transparency around ascension material drop percentages. They have it in tourney loot, but clarifying Titan loot by tiers, and loot drops generally would be good

It would also amuse me to confirm how laughably low the odds are of getting anything remotely worthwhile in Titan chests


I corrected it because it seemed to be misunderstanding because of my English skills.
I have a total of 29 five-star heroes. And 8 out of 29 are duplicate heroes. (There are 11 green heroes). :frowning:
There aren’t many heroes I have, but many of the same heroes come out over and over again.
And this is only the result of the Challenge Event, Costume, Season 2, Season 3.
I want to know if only I am not lucky.

It’s the odds I pulled a carver from a free daily pull had hero coin used at rabbits n yeah I got a carver again fml :confused:

The probability of appearance of a 5-star hero is 1.5%, and there are dozens of heroes within 1.5%.
:rage: However, I am getting a duplicate hero with a high probability. ToT

You understand the odds nice, so you know you it’s hard to get said hero also the chance of getting said hero once again and again.
Sure it’s bad luck.

Thanks. You made it clear that I am a man without luck. But I’m still curious about the odds of each hero and the odds of the chests.

The restriction to comment once an hour tires me.

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