Desperately want to change my nickname here in forum!

desperately want to change my nickname here in forum!
I have searched in setting several times for nickname change, unfortunately in vain.
I entered wrong nickname in the beginning. please support to be able to change nickname improvement.
ask for help from Support!
wait for an answer.

Thank you so much!

Best regards

@Rook can you help out?

Can you see these options on you account?

  1. Click your icon, upper right

  2. Click the gear symbol

  3. Click the pencil next to your user name to change it.

If you can’t, let me know and I may be able to change it.

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I think thats only available to admins on the forum

that’s just not possible with me.
please take a screenshot of me.

Thanks for your quick help!

What would you like to change it to? Please put “quotes” around it. I’ll try to zap it!

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Please this nickname: “ STÜRMER “
Thank you very much dear turm !
Very good human !

Best regards

@STURMER For some reason, it does not permit me to do STÜRMER, only STURMER (which is what I changed it to.)

Hope this is okay!


Hello dear Turn,
Is perfekt!

Thank you very much!

Best regards

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@Rook i know old topic but can you change my Forum Nick as well?

Sure. What would you like?

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