Desperately seeking World Energy

Since the last updates and features of the game, we are hard pressed for World Energy. Now, for instance, we have trials, Summer Event, Atlantis rising tomorrow and no doubt a rare quest will appear i. The whole thing. We are in need of some quicker WE or at least more offers involving World Energy Flasks. At 100 diamonds a refill, f2p and c2p are falling behind

Right thing… I was thinking the same… there are days when WE is more precious than the flask’s weight in gold… Today for instance I 100% gave up on farming… and I need midnight roots, I need iron ore, I need leather stripes and large bones, I need swords and backpacks, I need all kinds of stuff. But Sand Empire takes a toll on WE, the trials, too, I already used a flask today (usually the are strictly for Atlantis Rises), but I’m done with the trials and I’m hitting advanced 10 as I write… the problem is Atlantis also takes a lot of WE… so I really need to end Empire today… no WE to spare… not by far…


send empire will be until 7th of July. 7 more days after Atlantis rising is over. yes it takes a lot of we, but there’s no point finishing it today just because atlantis starts tomorrow.


But for some events SG gives us a WE flask as a gift. We really got so many quests and Atlantis rising that I really apprechiate a flask or two in my in-box.


I am just curious: when do you all use your WE flasks?

I have a total of 49 WE flasks saved up at this point, because I rarely find myself in a situation that I absolutely have to use them. I always just wait for my WE to refill, instead of feeling a urge to finish everything in a rush. The only time where I used a few WE flasks was the last 3 provinces of S2 were released. I felt the need to finish the map ASAP so I could get the amazing rewards.

So back to my question: where do you all use your flasks?

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I am planning to use some of my 95+ flasks on this next atlantis rising :wink:


Good point. Atlantis Rises is a good place to use your flasks. I might do the same as well. Thanks!

I hoard flasks and loot tickets for Atlantis Rising and for elemental chests. I don’t use them for anything else.

I use Atlantis Rising to farm for recruits and crafting materials

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I’m in awe… 95+ WE flasks. I always use flasks to get through elemental monster chests or the various trials, events…

I need to start saving / hoarding more :thinking:

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How long have you been hoarding these flasks? 95?! Wow, I have three (3) :dragon_face: :dragon_face: :dragon_face: flasks so long hahaha :frowning:

I use them to fillelemental chests faster, running through some events when I don’t have much time, I urgently need recruits or if I want to speed up my level up for a titan.

Before Atlantis Rises started I used WE flasks on events and sometimes to speed up red elemental chests. Now I will mostly save them for AR and a few for events, as I will get 7 of them back anyway and last event 7 was just enough to reach top100.

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I just looked. I have 91.

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I agree I would also add that when we use a flask or even when we level up that we not lose the current flags that we had. Just add them to however many we have. It’s very frustrating to reach a level up point when your world flags are full and the level up gives you a refill which doesn’t really give you anything, you actually lose however many flags you had. A flask or a level up should ADD to what is already there.

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