Desperately needing rugged clothes where to find best?

I’m using 87 and 77 to get rugged clothes. Is there a better place (perhaps in S2?) to find them?

When back to back upgrading my 5 stars i like to have lots of them.

(now Panther, Gravemaker and Delilah at 4-80, Magni at 4-38, Zeline at 4-48, Marjana at 4-8, Rana at 4-25). And several Atlantis 4 stars…

Anyone who knows where to find them or is it the right place i’m searching already?

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They’re found on a lot of provinces but they are most likely to be found in Season 1’s Province 7 and Season’s 2 Province 4. Too bad trading isnt a thing, rugged clothes loves me, Im sitting on 1.4k right now

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S1 7-7 is the best place to farm rugged clothes with recruits. (And what would be the point without the recruits???)

S2, province 4 (no specific level I’d care to recommend) should give you a lot of rugged clothes, but I don’t believe that there are any levels with good recruits per WE flag spent.

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I’m researching…

4 3 gave me 8 out of 5 pulls 4 4 gave me 4 out of 1 thus far. So a stunning 12 for 36 energy.

And enough recruits to make 12 heroes and keep some extra for rucksacks. That seems better than 7 7. Next round concentrating on 4 4 to see what happens :wink:

Both on easy

1-7-7 is the best place for rugged clothes.

If you also want to farm other items (because 1-7-7 is quite low on other items), I recommend 2-4-3, because it also gives the best recruit ratio in provice 4.

I burn my loot tickets on hard mode there, getting ~2 recruits per flag, and ~0.5 rugged clothes per flag.

My results in S2 4 4 easy thus far


Giving 20 clothes in 8 pulls. So 48 energy. That’s nearly 0.5 per w.e. in my opinion not bad at all.

I agree with you.

As a bonus 7-7 takes less real world time than 8-7 for similar rewards:

I had 2498 rugged clothes, after I built my TC19, my rugged clothes and food gone so fast, now i left with only 93 rugged clothes

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