Desperate for yellows

I’ve been playing two profiles for 18 months and I’m desperate for yellows on both.

One has Leonidus plus the usual assortment of Hu Tao, Chao, Li Uix plus Wu Kong.

The other has 4 Vivicas now! 3 Wu Kong and the usual assortment of the 4 stars.

I understand the low percentage of getting a nice yellow 5 star but I’d still like to ask the question as to where I should spend my gems looking for yellows. Should I do the next Guardian summons, or the next yellow summons?

specifically which one are you looking for?

Leo is quite viable now and Vivica is solid. Joon is probably the only regular better than those.

The next HOTM will be yellow I hear and something nice.

Trying to spend to pull 5* is a waste. I only do events now really as I have all 4*'s.

I’ll throw out the typical TC20 response as well.

There comes a point in the game where spending on elemental just is not worth it anymore.

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Wait till January HOM. I believe Onatel, a yellow tank, will be a possible pull.


I’d be very happy with Joon or Justice. I have level 20 camps running but I’ve recently cut one back to 19 so I can feed what I’ve already got.

Fancy 5 stars would be great but I’m really just asking if I should continue to do the elemental summons or are there certain events that would be better for yellow chances?

I would say elemental would be a waste of gems if your only looking for certain ones in my opinion. Pulling a 5* is tough as you know.

I haven’t pulled either Leo, Vivica, or Justice in just under a year of playing but out of the 2 I would prefer Leo now. He has been buffed so he is decent now. Justice is decent for the blind all but she doesn’t hit hard. Vivica is a real pain to face if she gets going. She works as a pretty good tank.

Joon I pulled early and is great and helps a lot. My other 5* yellow are 2x Drake at 70. Really only use them in wars and purple titans.

In your situation I would just use what you have and not worry about it as much. Leo and Viv both work well. You can easily build teams around both of them.

They say Guin is the “prize” but I don’t really want her as she is a 1 trick pony. Delilah on the other hand would be nice when she comes back around. Then there is the next HOTM. I hope I have better luck next month, this month was horrible for me in pulls. All I wanted was the big guy in the red suit…

Well, all I wanted for Christmas was Santa, and I got him! Grateful for small wishes fulfilled.

You may be right. Time to put the desperation on hold. This past war I managed to clear our oopponent’s board with their remaining 3 teams of over 4000 using my teams of 3900, 3800, 3400, 3400.

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Sounds like you are in a good position then. The yellows will come (Red for me).

I did get Elana today although not very excited. I have 2x Natalya as well at 70 but can’t pull the trigger with the rings. I don’t think either will improve my team that much. So I will wait.

I have nice depth for wars and can take out some good squads. Just need to mix and match some.

What about Musashi this Atlantis Summon? I don’t hear much excitement about Musashi? What about trying to pull him?

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He is solid and annoying forgot about him being around.

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