Designing a new Alliance search?

Deciding which alliance you want to be part of can sometimes be a difficult decision. Moreover because you have to know the alliance name to search for it. This is the reason why many alliances take generic names (city, country…), so they are found more easily.

It would be good if we could have alliance ranking on the local. That way people would know what are the best alliances in their region if they want to join those.
Also it would be great if we could have advance search: using filters: region, type, score, required trophies, members and leader, without the need to type keywords (alliance name).

I’m so sorry I did not see this. For future use, to tag someone, please use the @ symbol: @Rook.

I have recently asked SG if they will be updating their list of items to be added to the game; I have not heard whether the search feature is intended for an overhaul soon, later or never.

(I’m surprised there is not more traffic on this thread seeing as how it has been a hot topic over time…)

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I think it’s because we’ve all become a bit jaded that anything will be enhanced with the alliance search feature, or the suggestions to clean out dead alliances and inactive over a year players.

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I fear that may be so, @princess1 :disappointed_relieved:

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how about alliance id’s?

You may want to merge this topic about alliance search

I left a link there to here. Thanks!

Is a pain with valor aswell as people want titan hits.
Plus nobody goes by the rules as people posting in wrong rooms
Sgg could make this easier on the GC.
I get there loads of people looking for new people I’d change the recruit room into a page like it’s here.

Hey you guys! (my first post)

Yesterday i was thinking, what if you can make it easier to seach an alliance in the game.

As a new player you dont have clue what to even write in that emty spot you get to find you new home.
And if no one of the other players in the chat gives you a hint, its even harder (but often you get suggestions of an alliance or two that take new playes under their wings)

What if you could serch by cups/thropies aswell?

so if im new and have played abit and have 345 cups…i wanna join an alliance and could search alliances that have minimum 200 cups instead of comming up with a name and hope for the best.

Or say you got over 2000 cups and want to find those greater alliances just hitting the minimum 2000 cups button and what country you want to search in.

not everyone want to chat and ask others, so this, i think is a easier way to find what you looking for. But ofc you go by reputation aswell :wink:

What do you think?


To be honest, there are two or three things you can do to improve your situation rather than change a search engine which I doubt will happen.
First go into the forum and read the Recruitment threads. There are always lots of alliances looking for new members. The good ones will say what they can offer and also what they are looking for.
Second you can put an advert in the recruitment thread asking to join an alliance and say what you are looking for. You will then receive offers.
Third - and I think this is your best option - look to join a training alliance before you jump into an established alliance.
Good luck

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Me like many others just want to play the game and are not active in forums like this to “improve” the chances, I want a quicker way to find what im looking for, rather than go over many post to serch and discuss :slight_smile:

if you are a new player atleast, the first thing on you mind is not to join a forum to find an alliance…
its to serch it in the game.

I have played this game over 1 year and i never ever thought of this forum until yesterday…so i still think its easier to be able to have the option of it in the game

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I am pretty sure that a significant majority of the players find their alliance through the in-game search. So this forum is not the solution, just a small mitigation.
I think that supporting filters in the search such as trophies threshold, alliance score, titan score and war score is an obvious requirement.


I would agree with what you are saying. But unfortunately I doubt that this type of improvement spend would be a priority for SG budgeting

@Paksenarrion just as a starter for ten, one recent training alliances that posted in the recruitment threads was - Zero genesis.
Why not check them out to see if they are of any interest to you. @SilverDragonR can you help?

@JGE Im already in an alliance :wink: and im co leader as well, im well established there :smiley:

but just thought that my experience of serching for an alliance in the beginging was not easy by your self.

so I wanted to share my idea to hopefully make it easier for others in the future. :slight_smile:

This Alliance Search capability is (in my opinion) a valuable miss that should get attention.

With a desire to be helpful, i thought that I would provide a prioritized list of the filters that would matter, most important numbered first, so that developers could figure out what they have time for.

*NOTE: ANY added filters would be HUGE (like really really big).

  1. Filter Language (the Language selected by the Alliance leadership settings).
  2. Filter the membership fill (like 22/30 or 30/30). This serves so many needs.
  3. Filter the Required Trophies level (to request to join) AND the Type (either OPEN or INVITE ONLY).

*NOTE: If I was trying to identify the “necessary” versus "nice to have’"elements, the above would be the “necessary” ones, and the below would be the “nice to have”.

  1. Current titan level (whatever is the current or most recent level of titan that the alliance is working or has killed or let go). Don’t worry about any averages or historical trends, the titan’s go up or down readily enough for the current titan to be “close enough” for the purposes of a searcher.

  2. The Activity of the alliance, measured by the most recent login/logoff of ANY of the players. If the alliance has even 1 player that has logged in/off within the recent day, it is currently active, and if the most recent login/off was between 24 and 48 hours, then it is 1 day active, etc. (Trying to think like a developer, I think it wouldn’t be too difficult for a developer to do a filtered list (temp table, view, function or procedure) of the unique list of alliances that players that have logged in/off between 0 and 24 hours, to display, or 0 to 48, or 0 to 72, etc, to show based on the filter number used (0, 1, 2,…), AND the number used will very frequently be a small number.

  3. Alliance Wars selection, if it’s on or off.

*NOTE: Once the filter list has been generated, then a sort option might be handy, to sort the ‘found’ list by one (or more if development wants to tackle multiples) of the categories.
For example, once the list of matches has been generated, then the searcher will probably not care about the alphabetical sort, but rather the number of members, the trophy requirement, the activity level, or something like that, but most likely not merely the name.

I hope my comments help. Thanks SG.


I look for Alliance Score over Number of Players. You can see the average score contributed by each player. I also look for the top 10 members’ cups. Why? Because I want to be in Top 10 cups. For me, that means I am in a moderately active alliance

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I do it !


I done it!:smile:

Sounds nice but I am iOS and I don’t like my chances with a simulator like bluestacks, it’s bad enough already.

Thanks however for the work that you people do. :+1:

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