Design your own 5* hero / stats

Create your own 5* hero.

Give it a name. What strengths and weaknesses would it have? What element would it be: Fire (red), Nature (green), Ice (blue), Holy (yellow), or Dark (purple). And what would its special abilities be? You can also describe the hero as well (male of female, human or beast, swordsman, archer, wizard, etc)

A few ground rules:

  • You have a maximum of 2,750 points to work with for your Attack, Defense, and Health.
  • Special will always charge as Slow.
  • No more than three helpful Special abilities unless you include a negative ability (e.g. weak against Fire for five turns) then you can add another helpful.
  • Be reasonable and balanced with Specials, nothing like “Freeze all enemies for three turns, decrease their defense by 75%, and give full mana to all allies.”

Examples of current in-game heroes (to give you and idea of the “balance” that I mean)

  • 762/638/1328 | 260% damage to single, minor damage nearby, counter with 115% received for 4 turns.
  • 694/700/1382 | 453% damage to singgle, they receive 294 for 6 turns.
  • 696/766/1246 | 160% damage to all, all allies get +74% defence from special for 4 turns.
  • 675/784/1266 | 285% damage to single, minor to nearby, steam small amount of damage back.
  • 797/655/1200 | 235% damage to all, all enemies get -44% defence for 6 turns.
  • 809/578/1312 | 295% damage to all, nearby allies counter with 115% of damage for 5 turns.
  • 714/694/1328 | Recover 44% health for all, cure ailments, all allies +63% defence for 4 turns

Got it? Great! Here is my first:

Name: Tarlax
Element: Nature
Type: Human Male, Wizard, Healer
A/D/H: 620 / 820 / 1310
Special: Reduce all enemy mana by 75%, recover 55% health for all allies, +35% defense for nearby allies for 6 turns

Your turn.


Ha, I’d totally want to roll your Tarlax! Gimmiiii :smile:

Name: Murmur
Element: Purple
Type: Handsome Male Vampire (none of that Thoth business), Wizard, Real Tank
A/D/H: Toooooo much math
Special: Sacrifice 20% of his max HP to shield every teammate with a blood shield worth of 50% of their max HP for 5 turns. Boost attack of all teammates by 50% for 5 turns. The shield cannot be dispelled and blocks special effects from afflicting the protected until it’s down :scream_cat:

The numbers might not be right, of course, but giving up 20% of his HP should warrant him some goodies to be viable.

Yes, Small Giant, you are absolutely free to make him happen, no need to ask! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:




What if he only has 5 points left? In your case, the ability might be relative to his current HP as well. The weaker he is, the weaker his other specials… though it would not necessarily have to be proportional.

Here is my next one:

Name: Keena
Element: Holy
Type: Human Female, Elegant Warror using a pair of sai weapons
A/D/H: 790 / 690 / 1270
Special: For 3 turns, all allies and all enemies get no mana generation (neutral), allies ability to use specials is frozen (negative), +25% defense for nearby allies, match-3 attack damage increases by 250%.

With this Special, you have to depend solely on match-3 attacks for 3 turns, but they do 250% damage. Enemies can use regular attacks, but you are given a little bit of additional defense. Enemies have the ability to use special attacks, but since enemies always use them right away, unless they are gained right as you use this character’s ability, that should be nothing to worry about since they are not generating mana either.


Name: Adalee
Element: Nature
Type: A human girl, a child
A/D/H: 670 / 750 / 1300
Special: Empathic Link. Recover 25% health for all allies. All allies get +30 defense and share received damage for 5 turns. The caster reflects 115% of the damage received for 5 turns, and this effect cannot be dispelled.

For kicks…

Name: Bomb
Element: None. ( Gain mana from all colours, but at a decreased rate. 20% less?)
Type : Bomb
A/D/H : 0/0/2750!

Special : Blows up and does damage TO ONE TARGET based upon his current health. Everyone has 0 armour for 99 turns.

Make it rain death. Pair him up with alberich pls :smiley:


That’s gonna be a pretty weak counter attack

I’d rather him blow up multiple times…maybe 3? Heh. Of course he has to live long enough to do it!

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Hero #3

Name: Cassgard
Element: Dark
Type: Male Tiger-like Defense Beast
A/D/H: 650 / 850 / 1250
Special: For the next five turns…

  • Attacks against nearby allies split between them
  • Protective shield placed around nearby allies. If a nearby hero’s HP reaches zero, hero is dead but not destroyed (zombie?) as long the shield is in place. Once it is gone, they are destroyed.
  • “Dead” allies +25% mana per enemy hit, +10% attack, but -50% accurate.
  • “Alive” allies +25% attack and +25% defense.
  • All items (attack, defense, or healing) cannot be used by dead heroes.

Basically, he is a “last defense” hero for nearby allies. Attacks against nearby allies are split between all of them. As long as nearby heroes have HP, they are “alive” and gain a little power. If they are “dead”, they greatly lose accuracy, but they are not destroyed immediately allowing for a last effort.

This is probably not a very practical hero, but there is a team combination somewhere that he would fit into.


Interesting concept. Only amendment I’d suggest is that resurrection (via scroll or Alberich) be allowed.

Name: Dhelseen
Element: Ice
Type: Human Male, Soldier (seen as a young, heavy armored battle strategist)
A/D/H: 530 / 785 / 1435
Special (Battle Oracle): You can see up to 5 incoming mana tiles for 5 turns

Battle Oracle is a hero-self empowerment that show a single mana below every hero alive.
The mana will go from left to right and it’ll be replaced by the new ones (from right) once the “mana materialization” occour on the board. To have a better control over the battle.

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Hero #4:

Name: The Theif
Element: Ice or Dark
Type: Male, Human, Theif, Ninja-like outfit without a weapon or shield
A/D/H: 540/1020/1190
Special: Steal mana and health from all enemies and distribute it to all allies. Decrease enemy defense and increase ally defense for four turns. Chance of miss by enemies against only this character increases by 20% for four turns.

A character so mysterious, his real name is unknown. Because he is a thief rather than a fighter, his attack is very low while his ability to avoid capture/death is high.

I really like this one. It is very different from any other hero that I have seen thus far in the game.

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@EllileaThis is what I read…

Do it!!!


Way to op with that defence and that power

Should be like “has 33% chance to steal mana and health from enemies”

Name: Granis
Element: Nature
Type: female made of stone (veins of gold run throughout)
A/D/H: 52/1697/1001
Special:Defender: raises defense of self and nearby allies by 30% for 3 turns, heals self and nearby allies by 20%, each attacker that hits someone being defended gets a 20% damage reduction for 3 turns

Name: Jon Snow (or Johns Know for copyright purposes) :joy:

Element: Ice

Type: Human Male swordsman, kingly

A/D/H: 750 / 800 / 1200

Special: Kingly Presence

  • Summons a dire wolf for 4 rounds. DW attacks weakest opponent every round w/ 115% attack of caster. Does not change targets unless target is killed and cannot be dispelled or killed.
  • Grants 40% crit chance increase to all heroes (including DW) for 4 rounds.
  • Once defeated, every red troop that passes through a “ghost hole” gives an 8% chance (that multiplies to max of 24%) to revive w/ 60% HP and 75% mana. (ie. 1st 8%, 2nd 16%, 3rd 24%, 4th 24%, etc).

For titans, the crit chance would be benificial and you’d have a chance at revive on the edges.

For defense, the opponent would have to try to avoid dropping reds into a ghost hole and hope they don’t trip into a mega combo. LOL

For attack, the revive may be OP. You could waste turns dumping reds into ghost holes risking that other heroes won’t die in the process. Idk.


Interesting ideas here, particularly the “ghost” concept. One perk of killing someone in a raid is being able to power up specials down the hole (without powering up the remaining foes). Your ghost would create a cost to that. I’d also have the DW not change targets unless it kills the target. Some numbers might need to be tweaked (crit odds seem high; mana on restoration should equal mana when killed), but overall very nice.

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Incorporated some edits. Thanks for the constructive criticism. :+1:

I have to say “no” because, to negate the primary purpose of the ability, by leaving it up to chance and losing, would make it no powerful than the abilities of many 3* heroes.

That said, I was being lazy and did not give any rules about the strength of the ability. For instance, I would not expect 100% mana to be stolen from the enemy and stealing all 100% health would kill them, which is obviously unfair. The balancing point, though, would be to receive exactly the same amount taken.

I like your general concept for The Thief, and I agree it’s special should not be random (unless affected by another special, e.g. Wu Kong or Hu Tao). Two things I like in particular are

  1. There is precedent for reducing mana and stealing health; the Thief builds on these mechanics
  2. No new buffs/debuffs, which are proliferating dangerously.

Li Xiu and Chao destroy mana when their specials hit. The Thief would return some or all of the mana back to teammates.

There is also precedent for the “steal back damage” idea, e.g. Elkanen. Note that these heroes first have land damage, using the standard attack/damage mechanics. If the Thief bypasses that mechanics check, it would be very powerful. Some thought need to be given to how it works against titans.

So, it’s just a question of balance. How much mana I stolen, how much returned? How much health is stolen, how much returned?

Name: Narfi
Description: A Norse giant, Narfi is the foe of nature, blighting growing things.
Stats: Ice (blue) 5*; 720 Attack / 675 Defense / 1380 HP / 770 Power
Mana speed: Slow

Special: Deal 210% damage to all enemies; does extra damage against Nature (+40%). On offense, any green tile has a 40% chance of becoming blue. On defense, any green tile has a 40% chance of being frozen. Tile changes affect existing and new tiles for 4 turns.

Mechanics note: Separate logic is needed for this hero’s board manipulation depending on whether he is on offense or defense.

  • Offense: On initial cast, any matches created by the transformation are automatically triggered. New tiles that appear are generated randomly as usual, but any green tile has a 40% chance of being converted to blue before entering the board.
  • Defense: On initial cast, green tiles on the board may become frozen (using the mechanics from the Quest for Winter), requiring them to be matched before thawing. New green tiles entering the board have a 40% chance of appearing as frozen for 4 turns. After 4 turns, all frozen tiles thaw.
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