Desculpa ... You won't be sorry after joining us!

Desculpa currently has one vacant spot for a new member!

We are a casual alliance, but definitely active. We know you might have a life outside the game :slight_smile: so we allow some leniency. But for fairness, if you’re inactive on titans five times, unfortunately we’ll have to boot ya. We like to help each other along the way, non-competitive and friendly.

Minimum trophy requirement is 1000.

If you’d like to join a sometimes silly, rag tag bunch of titan fighters, seek out Desculpa !! We look forward to welcoming you to the guild.

Currently full capacity. :slight_smile:
Will update if a vacancy opens. Thank you!

Vacancy available! :slight_smile:

Currently at capacity. :slight_smile: I’ll repost when a vacancy reopens. Thank you!

We have one opening . We work together to kill the titan’s. We are a very friendly group.


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There’s no invite feature in the game Gooeybuns. You will need to search for the alliance and send a request.

Hi Gooeybuns! Jmwhen you are in the game, search the alliance section for Desculpa and you can find us and join :smile:
The guild is open so so invite required as long as you have 1000 trophies and we are not full
Look forward to seeing you!

At full capacity again. :slight_smile: I’ll notify once a vacancy opens. Thank you !

One spot just opened up! Currently inbetween titans. Join now! :slight_smile:

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Full again! I’ll return if a new spot opens. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Two spots are available.

This is a great alliance with nice people. We recently had two people leave and have those openings for people with a minimum of 1000 trophies. We regularly take down 6* titans and have killed a couple 7*s, but we need to be at full strength to do it.

Is a spot still open? Interested.

Yes, we got a person, they stayed for us killing a 6*, then they left so we have two spots. We are currently working on another 6*. Look up desculpa in alliances; it is now an open spot, so no approval needed

We have another opening for an active player with 1000 trophies. We are killing a lot of 7* lately. If you join in the next couple hours you may see a Gorgon destruction

Wow that was fast, full again.

Hi All. We have another opening currently. Looking for active player 1000 trophies with a promotion when you hit 1500. We are hitting 7* and are moving on up towards 8. If you join soon you can help finish off the current dragon.

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Full again :slight_smile:
We will post again if a new vacancy opens. Thanks!

We have one opening. We are a friendly group and we regularly kill 7* titans and have knocked off a half dozen 8*. The person needs 1000 trophies and more importantly enthusiasm for killing titans. We are dedicated but if you go on vacation and let the leaders know you can take a break

We are finishing a titan but if you join in the next hour you may have a chance at the final kill

Filled, thanks

We filled the spot and now have another opening. We just killed another 8* but are looking for people to push us so that we can kill the tougher 8* titans.

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