Descriptive Index of Empires & Puzzles Resources


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:pushpin: Coppersky’s Compendium

A basic guide to Empires & Puzzles for players new to the game. Created by the player Coppersky, leader of the Mixed Nuts alliances.


:pushpin: Dragone’s Empires & Puzzles Wiki

This resource was created by the player Dragone, and is currently being updated by the player Coppersky. Also in progress is making the wiki more mobile friendly, with spreadsheets that now scroll.

If there’s missing or incorrect information, please post a screenshot or comment on this thread to get edits added!


:pushpin: The player @JonahTheBard has started a glossary of terms for the game. If there’s jargon or a short form you don’t understand, this is a good place to look. If something isn’t on the list, put in a request!


:pushpin: Seven Days Departed - Website and Discord Chat

All 3*-5* Hero Cards, Titan Bestiary, Troops, Guides, Videos, Heroes of the Month


:pushpin: Dante’s Alliance Wars Primer (with Video from Beta)

As the title suggests, this guide by the player Dante is probably the best place to start for getting grounded on Alliance Wars!


:pushpin: Mai’s Guide to Efficient Farming

A list of best levels to farm to farm for monsters, different resources, wanted missions and XP. Created by the player Mai. Unfortunately there haven’t been any recent updates, but the information is still invaluable. Mai has included a full spreadsheet of her data, and an easy to read summary.


:pushpin: Farming to Fill Special Elemental Chests

This is a very useful post that lists all the levels that are a single colour of monster for filling Elemental Chests (the coloured chests.) Also listed are some lower levels that are useful because they are lower energy, but still fill the chest well.


:pushpin: Anchor’s Complete Guide to Hero Grades

Seven Days Departed’s leader, Anchor, crunches insane amount of data to give us full hero grades for raid offence, defines, and Titans in Empires & Puzzles


:pushpin: Pois’s Hero Rosters

An up to date list of heroes, separated by colour, showing the stats and descriptions of the characters at full ascension and fully levelled. There’s also a separate Hero of the Month Roster, listed in the order that they were released in the game.


:pushpin: Ascension Requirements, and Max Stats for Heroes at Key Development Points

This spreadsheet was created by Coppersky so that you can compare the stats of partially levelled heroes to each other. The data shown on the spreadsheet is where a lot of players will have heroes sitting waiting for rare or epic ascension materials.

It also shows what you require to ascend 4I heroes from tier 3 to tier 4, and 5* heroes from tier 2 to 3, and 3 to 4. (Please be patient for this image to load.)


:pushpin: Troops Summarized

As the title suggests, The player N.o.X has done a summary of troops at their maximum level


:pushpin: Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You

Written by the player Revelate of 7DD, this is an updated resource that explains how loot tiers works, and what you can expect for types of loot at each tier.


:pushpin: All Quests Guide

This guide lays out each normal and rare quest with the monsters you will encounter (use the reference that follows this one to look up any special abilities), the energy required, recommended power level, and the XP rewards. Also listed is information for Springvale 2018 and Save the Winter 2017.

This is also a good place to mention the order of the rare quests:
Farholme Pass [Fine Gloves +Tome of Tactics]
Shiloh Desert [Orb of Magic+ Poison Darts]
Morlovia [Trap Tools + Royal Tabard]
Farholme Pass [Compass + Damascus Blade]
Mount Umber [Hidden Blade + Mystic Rings]
Shrikewood [Sturdy Shield + Mysterious Tonic]
Frostmarch [Warm Cape + Farsight Telescope]


:pushpin: Pois1’s Empires & Puzzle’s Season 1 Monster Album

A complete monster guide for the map levels of the game. It shows a picture of the monster, lists which level it appears in, and a description of any special attacks that it might have.



Great job Coop, very well organized.


Thank you! I think that about covers all my bookmarks, with some helpful additions.

Thank you very much, dear!

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Great post, maybe add Melchiors training tool too. It is on the 7d website, but a direct link might be easier for people to find it.


Thx Coppersky, great work as usual. I will be able to complete the library of my Frenchies.
I dont know if it will interest you, but this topic contains elements that can be useful for the Compendium…


Excellent!!! Thank u so much for all this hard work

Should also be updated to include the public wiki on Fandom as well.

It’s now nearing 300 pages worth of information with 40 different hero categories designed to allow filtering of heroes by their role, manner of acquisition, etc, while still answering basic questions like “what’s mana?”, alongside more complex ones like “what does good team composition look like?”.

There’s also the Farming Guide, put together by @hotdamnmess.

Listing of the best stages to find each individual resource in the game. Includes S2 Hard, S2 Normal, and S1 recommendations alongside the overall best stage to farm for that resource.

@Razor has also done some great work with the TitanMafia site that should be noted here… I’ll let him do so, though. I’m a fan of the weekly roundup in particular. :slight_smile:


@CheTranqui I’m back from a break - I did bookmark to come back to this… I’m going to be catching up. Please advise how I might be able to contribute. I’ll be back to review in depth soon. Thank you so much for your consideration! RaZ

Lots to read but, AND very helpful. Thanks for the effort.

**I didn’t know the answers were so close. :wink: So can I help you? I have a lot of experience and materials from the game.

Best regards.**

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