Description of Nemesis

The description of Nemesis in the Styx Tower is wrong.

What is wrong? What should it be?

I assume you’re talking about the hero special skill being different from the boss?

This is normal. Bosses don’t always have the exact same skills as the regular heroes.

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It should be 470 dmg and 200.

Edit: ok that’s a new one for me

The discrepency is particularly notable on healers — if the bosses worked like the actual hero, we’d have no chance, since 40-50% of 6000 hitpoints is huge. Of course, since Nemesis has a much higher attack stat as a boss, this adjustment was necessary. I’ve only finished Impossible 5, and she was already doing 2300 hp with a special attack! Overheal is so necessary on this one. If both wizards (Arco) and druids (Gullinbursti) are forbidden, it gets really tricky. I guess I have G’s costume, though, so one more class over over-healer available for me.)

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