Description of antiminion heroes

Some time ago Megaminions were released in game. In this connection should appear info in question icon (“?”) in description of antiminion special skills, but it is realized in very strange way…

  1. In the description of Captain of Diamonds there are two “?” - in paragraph #1 and paragraph #3 . But there is the same text in both question icons. I expected to read something another in line about attack of random enemies. Probably there should be info that Captain hits another enemy after he hit target with megaminion (anyway, it works so in fact, I’ve tested it).

  2. Text about 50% megaminion HP somewhy is only in Captain’s description. Grimble, Alucard, Gormek (c) etc. are disadvantaged.


Version 62.0.1 is on my phone, but things haven’t moved.
If you didn’t understand what I mean in post, please, don’t keep silence, re-ask, and I will try to reformulate issue!

So as i understand but never tested, Alucard et al. also damage 50% of mega minions health ?
(this was mentionee in the previous update)

If yes, if Diamond 1st and Alucard 2nd to kill the mega, do allies gain HP and mana due to Alucard special ?

Yes, so do Grimble, Alucard, etc. On beta test they couldn’t eat megaminions at all, but it was changed in release.
Mana, health for 1/2 of megaminion are not gained, even if they destroy second 1/2 of megaminion.

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@PlayForFun, @Dudeious.Maximus, here is no answer that it’s passed to chat. Did you skip topic or passed and forgot to leave feedback? Maybe it’s already fixed in 63 and someone with access to Beta can check it? (If it’s not forbidden, of course)


I am passing it to mod chat, and I can check it Beta when the next build arrives.