Descend heroes for receiving ascend items back

I’d like Empires and Puzzles to feature a system for descending heroes that were ascended before to spitting out ascend items that were used for the heroes.

I wouldn’t say “I want full items back” cuz E&P wouldnt like for something that would hinder us to open up our wallets for E&P teams sake. I would say “I want some of items back”.

AND, please no adding probabilities for this system since E&P provides extremely low luck to users, it would make the game and the company look like hungry-for-money.

Just in general thoughts, E&P gotta do something with aggressive level of getting ascend items. Lots of users spoke up about this issues and many of them left the game cuz their voices couldn’t reach–or being neglected–to the game developers. So far, only the solution that E&P could think of for the low chance of getting ascend itmes was to purchasing them gems or through spring/special offers. “Another way to open up our wallets”

The chance of getting ascend items is ridiculously low and number of the required items are too many. Tbh, I don’t expect my 5* heroes to be fully ascended. 3/4 is the satisfactory line that I can reach to as close as possible.

I agree with you 100%. We really feel that the developers are really hungry for money without little care to the interest of the game.

I like the idea of receiving some items in return for descending a hero. I am still very new and have not had too many issues ascending heroes. But then again I just got a 5 star hero and the rest of mine are 3 or 4 star. So maybe the higher the star rating the more difficult it is to ascend?

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